289: Automate Shader Cleaning


Rebuilding the shader cache of the simulator helps fix problems suddenly coming up without a proper cause.   The reasons explained in my Post 58: Rebuild FSX Shader Cache for FSX.  It is applicable to P3D as well.

There are friends asking if it is possible to automate the deletion process right before the running of FSX or P3D, when needed.

Surely it is possible.   Continue reading

287: Putting the GPS onto the FIP

Yes, you saw it right.   Besides the usual gauge instruments, you can now put the GPS onto the FIP !

Last November, Alexey Podrezov’s FIP Customizer gave us the ability to freely replace the FIP’s default product image as well as to easily disable the serial number from showing up on the FIP.

This summer, Alexey further enhances his utility by adding a number of great features to it.   The new utility is called the FIP Toolkit.

In addition to the already mentioned “GPS Display” function, the utility can also project Continue reading

286: Tame the Rudders Update 3

My logic of tuning the rudder pedals for Prepar3D in the first place was to reduce the sensitivity of the axis control, assuming the adjustment could make them more manageable.   Also, it was Rudder-FSX
Rudder-P3Dbased on the default setting in P3D as well as all the good results I got from my experience in FSX (as shown in the setting pictures on the right).

Sadly, after all the adjustments I made over the years as described in Post 242, 248 and 249 for P3D, I still had difficulties to avoid over-steering and under-steering the aircraft during taxi, especially at turns.   Continue reading

285: Attitude Indicator Update

The Attitude Indicator has just been updated to include the OMI Markers.   They will C172_ATTAN_MarkerOMI light up accordingly when beacons are encountered around any airport that provides these signals.

C172_ATTAN_150508BRNNotification of this update patch has been sent to all existing users.

This update patch (so will be the future ones) is included with an automatic updater to make installation and update of my gauges as simple as possible.

The brown-color version of this gauge shown on the right is coming soon.   Improvement doesn’t stop at what we are. Continue reading

283: My Integrated Gauges Video Show

Some friends are curious about how my C172 Integrated Gauges all together look in real simulator.   Here are four quick videos showing how they perform from Engine Startup, Taxi, Take-off to Maneuver.    Background airport is Bowerman KHQM in the United States.   Simulator is Prepar3D v25 with the free Bowerman airport addon from Orbx.

Truly, since my one hand Continue reading

Notice to Existing Gauge Users who Don’t Receive my Update

I am sending out the new Installer package to all existing pay users.  However, some of the emails have been rejected.

Rick (Sheehan) and Steven (Mitchell), you are two of them.  There’s no way to send you my file thru your email address.

Please check your mailbox status if the updates are received.   If not, contact me via the Comment Section of this post below.


282: Existing Paid-Gauges Now with Installer

Was originally planning to add the Automatic Installer to all my existing paid-gauges after the release of the coming AirSpeed Indicator and Turn Coordinator later this month.   Due to receiving some immediate requests, revisions has been put upfront.

Integrated Gauges New InstallerWith this Automatic Installer, all user needs now just to unzip the package, and then click and run the utility.   That’s it.

The installer will add the new gauge to the END of the existing gauge list and modify the SaiFlightSimX.xml under DirectOutput folder automatically.   Original SaiFlightSimX.xml will be backup automatically too.

DO NOTE THAT Continue reading