280: Heading Gyro Update #2

My time is still mostly tied up on my grandson lately.   However, I am slowly gaining back some time on flightsimming now.   Just clean installed the latest Prepar3D version 2.5 onto my computer last week.  Similarly, I can put hands onto my unfinished C172 integrated gauge project again.

To render more weather information associated with the Wind Magnitude on the C172_HDCMP_VHeading Gyro gauge, Engine Hours originally on the gauge has been replaced by Visibility as previously mentioned in the note of the gauge’s last update.

The removed Engine Hours will be put onto the coming Airspeed Indicator instead.

Since this update, same as the last one, is supplemental, users are free to keep their existing one or to choose any of the three versions of their choice.  Switching among them is easy too.

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