Cockpit: Philippe aka 1L2P (LFPN, France)

Philippe aka 1L2P in France spent a lot of time on flight simulators about thirty years ago.   He decided to come to fly again when he saw the early versions of MSFS 2020.  Followings are what he built so far.

Builder: Philippe aka 1L2P
Location: Île-de-France, France
ICAO: LFPN, Toussus-le-Noble Airport

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Cockpit: Brian Goldsmith (KLNN, USA)

Brian Goldsmith holds a Commercial Pilot Certificate with Instrument Rating and a CFI Certificate.  He recently decided to upgrade his flight simulator, which he uses for fun and to maintain his instrument skills in between real flying.

Builder: Brian Goldsmith
Location: Concord, Ohio USA
ICAO: KLNN, Lake County Executive Airport

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Cockpit: Ken (KFRG, USA) – Update

Ken has been using PilotEdge services for ATC in the last few years.  He found that many PilotEdge members are still using mouse-and-keyboard, which he can’t really tolerate.  He says that even a basic flight simulator cockpit is worth the price and effort, and it is especially true when flying a complex aircraft with live ATC.

Recently, he has replaced his Saitek Radio Panels and VRInsight Transporter with similar gears from Propwash Simulation as picture shown below.

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Cockpit: Philippe Boudreault (CYMT, Canada)

Many friends I met through my blog here are long-time flightsim enthusiasts.  Philippe Boudreault from Chibougamau, Québec, Canada is one of them.  Here’s his “generic” cockpit intended to fit different aircraft.

Builder: Philippe Boudreault
Location: Canada
ICAO: CYMT, Aéroport de Chibougamau-Chapais, Canada

Project Notes:
I love Flight Simulator from a long time ago. I use to begin with Flight Simulator 95. I always dream of having a really good quality setup. That’s why I recently bought all the stuff I have. Continue reading