Cockpit: Joe Lavery (EGFF, Wales) Update

Joe Lavery is one of the earliest friends who sent me home cockpit photos nearly eight years ago.  When he moved to a new home, he decided to install a proper shell that would make it more immersive while reassembling everything again.  Following are some images showing the current state of his cockpit being rebuilt and parts that he newly made.

Builder: Joe Lavery
Location: Cardiff, Wales
ICAO: EGFF, Cardiff Airport

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Cockpit: José (LFPG, France)

José in Paris started flightsimming with FS98 back in 1989 because flight training courses were too much for him, especially he had just had his second daughter at that time.   Sadly in these days, he has to partially disconnect his simulator in order to save a little space while needing to stay and work at home.

Followings are the photos of his cockpit.  Stay Safe, José.

Builder: José
Location: Paris, France
ICAO: LFPG, Roissy-Charles de Gaule

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Cockpit: Beaverpilot (CNN5, Canada) Update

Since there is no flying season during recent pandemic shut down, Beaverpilot in Canada has more time continuing his DHC-2 cockpit project that he has been working for more than 10 years now.  Here are some photos he took recently.  It definitely looks better and better.

Builder: Beaverpilot
Location: Northeastern Ontario, Canada
ICAO: CYCN, CNN5 waterdrome

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COCKPIT: Father Dane (EGCN, UK)

Many months ago when Father Dane purchased my C172SP gauges, I asked him if he was interested to post his cockpit photos to this section.   We had a few communications after that but ceased then.

Yesterday Father Dane sent an email with a YouTube link for the Cessna 172 simulator that he built in his spare bedroom.

Builder: Father Dane
Location: Barnsley, South Yorkshire, UK
ICAO: EGCN, Doncaster Robin Hood Airport

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Cockpit: Ken (KSQL, USA)

Following is the third DIY cockpit for flight simulation by Ken (an ATP/CFI) who earlier reported the “faulty” feature of the Radar Altimeter (RDA) on the Duke B60 and Duke Turbine by RealAir Simulations in my Post 548.

He said this set-up cost more, but it is pretty much “turn-key” and he can fire it up, fly, and have fun.

Builder: Ken
Location: Hillsborough, California, USA
ICAO: KSQL, San Carlos Airport

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Cockpit: Ken (KFRG, USA) – New

Ken posted his cockpit images in April 2018.  After that, he added some new gears and the Diagma 530 GPS.  Since he found that there was no way to fix the GPS unit into the old panel, he built a new one.

Similarly, Ken attached a schematic layout of his new cockpit, which illustrates how he achieved the same self-contained cockpit system that doesn’t need of a mouse or keyboard for any inflight functions.

Builder: Ken
Location: Huntington, New York, USA
ICAO: KFRG, Farmingdale Republic Airport

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COCKPIT: Paul Alessie (EHAM, Netherlands)

Paul Alessie started building his generic GA cockpit a few years ago for the training of his private pilot license.  The pictures shown below are from the 5th version of his cockpit, which is mostly based on the BeechCraft Duke but can also be used for several other aircraft.

He says he attends the FSweekend at Lelystad every year to show other people what is possible with this (quite expensive) hobby.

Builder: Paul Alessie
Location: Netherlands
ICAO: EHAM, Amsterdam Schiphol Airport

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