55: Redefine Virtual Cockpit Zoom Level

I mostly fly with Cessna and I want the virtual cockpit to initiate with a zoom level of 0.6 when a session starts.  There are two options to achieve that:

OPTION 1:  Save a New Default Flight

1) Start a flight with Cessna

2) Adjust the zoom level to 0.6 inside the virtual cockpit with “=” or “-” keys

3)  Save the flight as the new default flight

OPTION 2:  Modify the Default Startup Flight

1) Open the default flight “FLTSIM.FLT” (or the earlier saved default flight) with Notepad

2) Look for Cameras with Guid = {C95EAB58-9E4A-4E2A-A34C-D8D9D948F078}

Note: This Guid number is assigned to Virtual Cockpit in FSX

3) Change the Zoom value to 0.6

Both Option 1 and Option 2 can easily set the zoom level of virtual cockpit to one needs.  However, the zoom level is likely to be changed when the aircraft (Cessna in this case) is swapped. Continue reading

54: Free Scenery Downloads

Reminded by Henk that I have now added PW Sceneries from Striking Software which I forgot to include to this Free Scenery Downloads page.  Anyway, it’s been updated and just click banners to go to the home page of specific developer.

Total: 15 sites Updated  on: 7-March-2012

♥ = My Favorite   ♦ = FPS friendly    (scale of 10)

Ants Airplanes by Antony Lynch offers dozens of high quality sceneries and airports all over Australia.  However, they need Orbx’s payware to render the best sceneries quality.
10 ♥ – 10 ♦

BlueSkyScenery offers high resolution photorealistic sceneries covering the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, Utah’s Red Rock Country, the deserts of southern Nevada, Sierra Nevada and California.
7 ♥ – 10 ♦

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53: Configuration Fits for ALL #6 – The Missing Part

Once FSX is divided into flying zones, Missions can be categorized and automatically loaded as well.  There are two options available:

Option 1:

Add a prefix to all missions using the method of Renaming Missions posted earlier, so as to differentiate which flying zones where missions are belonging to.

For example, add the prefix of “EU-” to all missions taken place in Europe, “AS-” for Asia, “CS-” for Central and South America, etc.

Option 2: Continue reading

48: Prioritize Missions

Mission Categories are seldom displayed in proper order, especially after new Missions have been added.

Here’s how to prioritize Mission Categories as one desires.

Inside the Categories folder of FSX system, there should be XML files similar to what is shown below.

Each of these XML files contains one or more Mission Categories that were created by FSX or when addons were installed. The alphabetical order of these files also determines how Mission Categories will ultimately displayed in FSX.

Folder Location: X:\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Categories

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