787: MSFS Performance Hit By FIPs Q&A

A friend, Lonn in the US, who emailed me with some questions regarding MSFS performance hit he encountered lately after he got his 7th Logitech FIP and my C172 CMP+Annunciator.  I think his case is worth a post to clear up some queries among those who are building their home cockpits with FIPs.

His questions here:

How many Fips do you run? I am getting a 7th and have noticed lately that my cpu usage is getting high on the Logiflightsimulator.exe or Logitech exe for the panels.

I also noticed certain gauges use more CPU intensive. Like the new Cessna 172 CMP I just bought from you seems to use alot of cpu compared to another asi gauge etc. How do you deal with it.

If I turn off the logitech panel drivers altogether I get better fps since the cpu isn’t bogged down. I know you run alot of panels and wondered how you work around this?

It seems the more complex the gauge set the more cpu that logitech exe takes up. Like the CH701 takes up nothing. But you start getting the eng on the 172 along with the hsi and the new cmp and the cpu usage is very high.

Man I am going to have to start planning my gauges around cpu usage. Any advise? Do you have this issue?

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779: Skipping the Ready-to-Fly Button

Just found a new addon called Ready to Fly Button Skipper on Flightsim.to which allows any flight to start automatically without the need of mouse-clicking the “READY TO FLY” button.

What’s more, the trigger time can be shortened or lengthened by altering the value as shown in the highlighted script in the MissionStartup.html of the addon.
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778: Pilot Camera Positions

I know the first 4 definitions in an aircraft’s camera.cfg define the positions of Pilot (VFR), ClosePilot (IFR), LandingPilot and Copilot in the virtual cockpit respectively.

But I always mix them up and don’t remember what keyboard commands are used to activate them, even though I modify them from time to time.

So when I was re-configurating new cameras for the C172 recently, I deliberately captured the four positions and put them here for my future reference.
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740: USING Garmin GTN750 in MSFS

A few months ago, Robert Temmerman in Belgium wrote me an email about a new addon (by that time) in Flightsim.to, which could replace the G1000 or GNS430/530 on quite a lot of aircraft in MSFS with a Garmin GTN750.

I totally forgot about this.  Sorry Robert.  The addon is called “JDS PMSGTN750 on Others Mod” by JayDee, and it looks awesome.
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736: Set MSFS Priority to High at All Time #3

Setting CPU priority for MSFS to High does improve the performance of the Simulator.  Instead of using third-party utilities, such as “Prio-Process Priority Saver” and “Process Hacker” to change the CPU priority as reported in Post 714 and 726, Nicolas Bouesnard in France sent me a registry tweak that achieves the same result.

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727: I Gave My PC a Little Push

Probably like most of you, I don’t deliberately overclock my computer even though the hardware I got are OC-capable.  Normally I just leave it to the BIOS to auto tweak the computer a bit by default.

Surely this is fine as our systems can run to spec stably.

Unfortunately, no difference from other flight simulators, the MSFS 2020 performs better on better performing computers.

Therefore I lately further enabled XMP, thru which I got about 8-10 fps increase in MSFS by pushing the DDR4 RAM from standard 2400MHz to its rated 3200MHz.  That’s not insignificant I dare say.

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