684: Regain fps from Integrated Graphics

FPS hit isn’t uncommon when a pop-out screen is moved to a second monitor, despite how small and low resolution of the monitor it might be.

IntegratedGraphics01In a “conversation” I had with Michael Basler in Germany earlier last month, he said that his fps were literally cut by 50% when he shifted a pop-out screen to a touch monitor connected to the main computer.

My reaction was: since I don’t see any performance hit from my GNS430 and GNS530 connecting to the motherboard’s integrated graphics ports, I suggested him to give it a try if his computer supports the feature.

Later he came back to me saying that he still couldn’t believe it but it works. Continue reading

683: JF-PA28 VOR2 Left-deflection Fix

Have you ever noticed when the Just Flight PA28 Arrow III for MSFS is loaded with engine JF-PA28-VOR2-Needlerunning (meaning the aircraft isn’t started from cold and dark), its VOR2 needle is always deflected to the left?

It’s a bug, I believe, since the needle won’t return to center when no NAV signals are present.

To correct this error, we’ll have to flip Continue reading

680: Third Level or Further Down Below

Due to vulnerability of the Community folder in MSFS, I recently useaddonlinker01 the MSFS_Addon_Linker to map all my external apps to the folder in oder to keep things manageable just in case.

Everything works fine except the RealSimGear app for the GNS430 and 530, unfortunately.  It was similarly put under the Addons folder where I store all my external apps.

The app seemed to be loaded into MSFS successfully but only a few buttons work. Continue reading

678: Fitting RSG GNS Display Easily

Read from RealSimGear’s forum that some users have alignment IMG_1577_resizeissues when moving the GPS displays from the virtual cockpit to the GNS430 and GNS530.

The official instruction says that there is no need to resize the popped out GPS screens from the virtual cockpit. Just move them over to the GNSs and press right Alt-Enter.  The GPS screens will fit on the devices accordingly.

Unfortunately, it’s not just those users in the forum having problems in doing so.  I encountered the same situation that the GPS screens wouldn’t fit onto the GNSs by following the official instruction as well.

Here’s my solutions: Continue reading

674: MSFS Addons Linker

During the CTD period in the last two days, a few friends including Demetrius and Robert Temmerman recommended me the free utility MSFS Addons Linker in Flightsim.to, which helps effectively manage addons loaded to the Community folder as well as to enhance a safer and easier environment in case I need to empty the folder.

The utility was also suggested by John H. Helms, who provided the tips for increasing ships in Post 665 about a month ago.

Honestly, Continue reading

665: More Ships in MSFS

About two weeks ago, a friend, John H. Helms, sent me the followings:

In an attempt to reciprocate, I attach a link to a new add-on that you might like (if not already seen) — Global AI Ships for MSFS — a modification of files from FSX and P3D.  And I attach my own version I made about a month ago as well.

I actually run both, as mine seems to have more stuff in it and it doesn’t bother the SIM.  They work pretty well, not perfect though. Continue reading