740: USING Garmin GTN750 in MSFS

A few months ago, Robert Temmerman in Belgium wrote me an email about a new addon (by that time) in Flightsim.to, which could replace the G1000 or GNS430/530 on quite a lot of aircraft in MSFS with a Garmin GTN750.

I totally forgot about this.  Sorry Robert.  The addon is called “JDS PMSGTN750 on Others Mod” by JayDee, and it looks awesome.
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736: Set MSFS Priority to High at All Time #3

Setting CPU priority for MSFS to High does improve the performance of the Simulator.  Instead of using third-party utilities, such as “Prio-Process Priority Saver” and “Process Hacker” to change the CPU priority as reported in Post 714 and 726, Nicolas Bouesnard in France sent me a registry tweak that achieves the same result.

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727: I Gave My PC a Little Push

Probably like most of you, I don’t deliberately overclock my computer even though the hardware I got are OC-capable.  Normally I just leave it to the BIOS to auto tweak the computer a bit by default.

Surely this is fine as our systems can run to spec stably.

Unfortunately, no difference from other flight simulators, the MSFS 2020 performs better on better performing computers.

Therefore I lately further enabled XMP, thru which I got about 8-10 fps increase in MSFS by pushing the DDR4 RAM from standard 2400MHz to its rated 3200MHz.  That’s not insignificant I dare say.

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723: My SU5 Tuning #4 – ReShade

In MSFS, objects in far distance, even on a clear fine day, are too hazy to me.  This is one thing in particular I dislike.  And the Sim Update 5  (SU5) further worsens it as the overall color tone has been washed out, making the scenery looks very dull.

I use ReShade to tune the screen to my preferences.  Click image to enlarge.
The app is somewhat like the “Shade for FSX” that changes the atmospheric effects in FSX in the old days, but ReShade for MSFS is more sophisticated.  And most importantly, I don’t see any impact from using it at all.
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722: My SU5 Tuning #3 – Menu Bar not Hiding

In MSFS sim update 5 (SU5), the white triangle of the menu bar on top of the screen doesn’t hide itself as it did in the past when you move away the mouse from it.MenuBar  Maybe a bug and probably will be fixed in future updates.

I remember there is a command or a key or something that can hide it but I don’t remember what it exactly is.

However, I do remember there is an addon I downloaded a few months ago that can hide the menu bar.  It’s called No Handle Bar from ither.

I didn’t use it then.   Now a good temporarily fix or maybe for good.

721: My SU5 Tuning #2 – Graphics Settings

With the improvements brought by the MSFS Sim Update 5  (SU5), I can push many graphics rendering options further to the higher ends.

However, I decided to make changes to only four of them in the end because I don’t see any noticeable benefits of changing the others as well.  Therefore, I’d rather keep them as they were so as to grasp more power leveage on hand for the running of the simulator as a whole.

Following are the Graphics Setting updates for my 1080Ti computer (3090 to come later) with the SU5. Continue reading

720: My SU5 Tuning #1 – nVidia Control

Update does not necessarily bring improvements to all aspect.  One noticeable degradation from the recent MSFS Sim Update 5 (SU5) to me is the increased aliasing of the aircraft in external views and many other objects closing by.

As reported in my Post 716 and 717, my MSFS Settings were just finetuned a couple of weeks ago. Except the Power Management I changed to Prefer Maximum Performance in nVidia Control, all others were kept as Default without changes.

With SU5, I have to adjust many items in nVidia Control related to antialiasing accordingly in order to counteract the image degradation. Continue reading