741: FIP 3-Gauge PACKS for G1000 Aircraft

Jim Gerow recently raised in the Discord’s Gauges-for-MSFS Channel that flightsimmers, like him, run their cockpits with the G1000 hardware might only need the corresponding FIP Gauges for the ASI, ATT and ALT.  He proposed that some 3-Gauge Packs for the G1000 aircraft in MSFS should be added to my FIP line-up.
Cirrus SR22_04S
Yes, that makes sense.  Five 3-Gauge Packs for the Cessna C172-G1000, Cirrus SR22, Diamond DA40-NG, BeechCraft G36 and G58 have jsut been created.

In addition, extra ALT versions Continue reading

740: USING Garmin GTN750 in MSFS

A few months ago, Robert Temmerman in Belgium wrote me an email about a new addon (by that time) in Flightsim.to, which could replace the G1000 or GNS430/530 on quite a lot of aircraft in MSFS with a Garmin GTN750.

I totally forgot about this.  Sorry Robert.  The addon is called “JDS PMSGTN750 on Others Mod” by JayDee, and it looks awesome.
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739: My NEW GEAR – Bravo Throttle Quadrant

Another throttle quadrant?  Haha…Yes!

Frankly speaking, although I got two HoneyComb Alpha Yokes in my systems, I had never thought of getting the Bravo Throttle Quadrant because it isn’t something fitting my light aircraft setups.

Nothing is absolute.  When I saw a friend who was selling his nearly brandnew Bravo with $100 less than the market price, I couldn’t help getting it without much hesitation.  I gave myself an excuse — “It’s a good chance to have my hands on it.”BravoQuadrantS
After getting the quadrant this morning, I immediately had a quick test with it for an hour or so.  I would say it’s not bad at all Continue reading

738: ENG Gauge for VL3

The VL3 is a fun and so far the fastest Ultra Light aircraft in the world.  Six months ago, I made the ASI FIP Gauge for it with the original kmh and additional knots versions.  Since then, there’s no more new development for the aircraft as it basically runs on glass cockpits after all.

About a month ago, Lonn Agin in the US raised his interest of creating a new FIP gauge with the Flaps and Landing Gear indicators for the aircraft.  And he proposed some layout suggestions as well.

Here’s the resulting ENG gauge (in the middle) for the VL3.

Besides the Flaps, Landing Gear and Fuel Selector Indicators, Low Fuel Lights Continue reading

737: My NEW GEAR – RedBird Alloy TH1

I bet many friends like me have heard about the various flightsim gears from Redbird Flight Simulations, and very likely might have read reviews and comments about them on the Internet.  But I don’t think many of us really had a chance to try them on, because the company doesn’t sell their gears thru third-party vendors — at least I haven’t noticed anyone yet.
TH1_01Recently, I got the Alloy TH1 throttle quadrant from the company to replace my Saitek Cessna TPM which has been in service for over a decade in my work system.

TH1_002_resizeIn my flightsim-only setup, I have the VirtualFly V3RNIO+.

Actually, I was thinking of getting another V3RNIO+ to replace the Saitek TPM at the time the company was offering a 15% discount promotion.

However, the discounted price was around $900, which is still a lot of money, not to mention an extra $100 for the shipping to be added.

While I was hesitating if I should go for another V3RNIO+, I came across the Redbird Alloy TH1 again.

Just like the VirtualFly V3RNIO+, the Redbird Alloy TH1 is also a vernier-style throttle quadrant that comes with a Throttle Friction Lock and Propeller & Mixture Fine-adjustment Control mechanisms as found on the real aircraft.  And it earns some good comments from its users, too.

In addition, its $569 price tag, comparatively, sounds more reasonable and affordable.

Therefore, after some serious considerations and especially due to the $350 in price difference (or $480 with no discount), I decided to give the Redbird Alloy TH1 a go.

For more than a month now, I’ve been using the Alloy TH1 extensively.

Is my bold investment on the Alloy TH1 justified?  How does it perform compared to the VirtualFly V3RNIO+?  Here’s my review:  Continue reading

736: Set MSFS Priority to High at All Time #3

Setting CPU priority for MSFS to High does improve the performance of the Simulator.  Instead of using third-party utilities, such as “Prio-Process Priority Saver” and “Process Hacker” to change the CPU priority as reported in Post 714 and 726, Nicolas Bouesnard in France sent me a registry tweak that achieves the same result.

Here are the steps: Continue reading

NEWS: Render SCaling is Broken

Informed by Nicoooo! in the Discord Server that Asobo has confirmed the “Render Scaling” in SU6 is broken.  Night Lightings will disappear when the scale is set below 100 and lights will float when the scale is greater than 100.  The error will be resolved in the coming hotfix.

Since I mostly fly in day time, I’ll keep the scale at 90 and change it to 100 when necessary.  Thanks Nicoooo!

735: My SU6 Settings with AN RTX3080 Ti

As the price of graphics cards goes down a bit lately, I decided to replace my 3-year-old GTX1080 Ti card with an RTX3080 Ti card last week.  I was planning to get the ASUS ROG version but it was out of stock and no schedule for next shipment at that moment. So I got the TUF edition instead. 

Frankly, with 12GB GDDR6X memory and a 1,755MHz over-clock rate, it is still a very powerful card to be used in MSFS for the next few years…I guess.ASUS_TUF_3080Ti
In general, I got an extra 75% to more than double the framerates with the new card straight from the box.  Not to mention I pushed many settings to Ultra in the Sim.

Here’s the update of my Graphics Settings in SU6 with the new card.  And I listed the framerates I roughly got from various activities and locations at the bottom of the table. Continue reading