News: Cockpit Photos Added

Last week, I received some cockpit photos from Dean Carlton in Australia while I was busily changing the diaper for my grandson.  When I finally got a chance to open the email, the photos were not particularly sweet to me since the image quality of them wasn’t really that good (pardon me, Dean).   But what really catched my eyes was the setup and how it was built, which is something I’ve been longing to do for years.

In addition, Dean attached a short story describing how he planned and what he chose for his system.  Plus a little side-info about his life, from the smash of his early dream to become an RAF pilot to what he is and where he is heading now.  I found it interesting as every person is the leading role in his/her own play under of the Almighty director.

Here’s a quick link to Dean’s cockpit photos.   Don’t forget to scroll down if you are interested to read his story.

Send me yours.  People will love to see it, too.

292: Standalone Gauges Status Update

The fine-tuning works for the Standalone C172 Gauges have finally been completed.   All instruments are now centered on the FIP and take up the whole area (320 x 240) without leaving any spaces on the left hand side for the displaying of any button commands.

In addition, none of the extra features found on the previous Integrated Series are added to these gauges, so that they could resemble and function as realistic as possible to the instruments in the real cockpit.

Click me to Enlarge — Note the Airspeed Indicator is a new redrawn with temperature window on its top

However, Continue reading

291: Standalone Gauges Preview

Here are the preview images of the standalone C172 Gauges.    Although they are, in theory, the extractions from the current Integrated Gauge Series, C172-ALL-Gauges-ANImany of the artworks and layouts are newly drawn.  So do some programming for optimization.

At present, all these standalone gauges are taking up the full footprint (320 x 240) of the Flight Instrument Panel (FIP).   All knobs and buttons work as they should be.

Two things are yet to be decided: Continue reading

News: FSX Steam on Sale

Wanna to try out the Steam Edition of FSX for quite some time after hearing good feedback from friends and on the internet.  However, there were worries about the adding of FSX Steam might somehow mess up my non-Steam system.

The wait is over. FSX Steam

Steam Online store is undergoing Summer Sale until 22nd of this month.  My newly purchased copy of FSX Steam in bundle with Cargo Crew and Dangerous Approaches ($19.99,  66% off from regular) is being installed onto a separate SSD with Windows 10 via VMWare Workstation.

Will FSX Steam have a place among my current simulators?   Time will tell.



290: Standalone C172 Gauges

My C172 Integrated Gauge Series combine 14 instruments plus many other functions found on the C172 cockpit.   The project was started a year ago since I only had seven FIPs at that time.   And it was not economical (still true) to put some of the simple instruments each onto standalone FIPs.

However, never stop receiving inquires from friends asking for their standalone versions.   So, before moving forward onto twin engines, I will spend some times working on these standalone gauges first.   They include: Continue reading