635: MSFS Gauge Table

One of the nice designs of MSFS is many of its cockpit instruments can be used across different aircrafts (despite practicability in real life), which in a way simplifies the construction of DIY cockpit using my MSFS Multi-shared FIP gauges.

Following is the table showing key instruments on the default propellers and turboprops in MSFS implemented and to be implemented.
MSFS_Gauge_ChartVia the table, one can check out the usage of each instrument on different aircraft according to the reference number or alphabet assigned to them, and further find out what gauges are included or not included from the cockpit layouts captured below.

Update 1: The number and alphabet indications are added to the corresponding gauges in respective cockpit images for clearer references.

MSFS Cockipts #1 – Propellers

MSFS Cockpits #2 – Airliners, Jets and Turboprops

Update 2: In addition, I have added this MSFS Gauge Table to the Menu in the top of the page under MSFS Category.

Very likely in the foreseeable future, all gauges on default MSFS aircraft, except those glass cockpits, can be shown on the FIPs, which is a bit difficult to realize in X-Plane or P3D.  I am excited to looking forward to this as well.

6 thoughts on “635: MSFS Gauge Table

  1. Thanks so much, Tom, that’s it. You’re doing a great work.

    BTW, such cockpit images should belong to the default simulator, preferred in the plane selection scroll screen where planes are only shown from the outside


  2. Om second thought, could you give a legend how to interpret the numbers (e.g. 6 for the ALT in the C172). I tried to find the numbers in the cockpit screenshots to identify the corresponding gauge but couldn’t find them, Please, bear with me, I’m aged 68 now :-).


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