684: Regain fps from Integrated Graphics

FPS hit isn’t uncommon when a pop-out screen is moved to a second monitor, despite how small and low resolution of the monitor it might be.

IntegratedGraphics01In a “conversation” I had with Michael Basler in Germany earlier last month, he said that his fps were literally cut by 50% when he shifted a pop-out screen to a touch monitor connected to the main computer.

My reaction was: since I don’t see any performance hit from my GNS430 and GNS530 connecting to the motherboard’s integrated graphics ports, I suggested him to give it a try if his computer supports the feature.

Later he came back to me saying that he still couldn’t believe it but it works. Continue reading

673: MSFS is really Depressing – Update

I am so happy to report that the MSFS on both my machines have recovered from CTDs. One by reinstalling to a new folder.  The other was by replacing the Community Folder with an empty one.

After I posted the CTDs on both my machines yesterday, Robert Temmerman suggested me to remove the Community folder to avoid any potential or tangible incompatibility among the addons in the folder with MSFS update.  He said he ran into similar situations before and it took him a while to figure this out.

Jim Gerow also forwarded me an announcement from RealsimGear saying that their addons are temporarily incompatible with MSFS after France update and they are working onto fixing it.

Sadly, I didn’t receive any notice from RealsimGear nor I alerted enough to aware that the GNSs I recently added to my system would be the culprit causing the crash.

Unfortunately, Continue reading

672: MSFS is really Depressing

MSFS is really a depressing game to me. It took me nearly two months to get it installed on my PC in the beginning. Then having this and that issue fixed and solved over the months, I finally had it set up right recently.

But after the latest France update yesterday, it crashes to desktop (CTD) on BOTH of my machines, meaning I am totally shut off from it.

I am currently reinstalling the game on one of my machines again.  It’s going to take another 12 hours or so, l believe, for the 171.83GB contents.

The most painful part is, Continue reading

664: My Cockpit Rev #28 – RealSimGear

I’ve been tied up with many things after the Chinese New Year.  As a result, there was not a single Post for nearly a month.   Fortunately, things are sorting out now and I hope to resume posting new stories as regular before.

Coming back to my home cockpit, I just received the GNS 430 and 530 from RealSimGear today after more than two months’ waiting.
Inevitably my radio cluster needs major revamp again.  I hope it won’t take me long to start working on it since the final appearance should look appealing.

Actually I’d been Continue reading

653: My Cockpit Rev #25

During the last two holiday weeks, I basically spent all my free time on playing MSFS 2020, and fine-tuning the computer and MSFS setup.  Now the Radios from Flight Illusion is working fine with MSFS in general.  Even though not fully compatible, yet they look great together with the FIPs.

Regarding the Thrustmaster TPR Pendular Rudder I added to my system last November, I would say it is the best from all Pedals I’ve ever used. Continue reading

651: My Cockpit Rev #24

Plan can’t catch up with change — my cockpit rebuilding project is a good example.  It was virtually completed right before the launch of the MSFS 2020 a couple of months ago.  Many components I built for P3D then have to be reworked to cope with the new simulator now.

For  example the Flight Instrument Panels (FIPs) that were networked and now have to be connected to the main PC directly; and the two TVs on both sides are no longer usable for surround purposes as they are in different sizes (main TV 65-inch; side TVs 49-inch) that MSFS doesn’t support.

Fortunately, new plan is catching up.  Except the avionics set, others have been set properly even though finetuning is still needed.

Also, there are new components to be added soon.  Continue reading