92: fsx.CFG – RejectThreshold

RejectThreshold is a command that instructs the CPU to bypass the bufferpool when a specified amount of graphics data is reached.   Before that threshold, all data are kept sending to the bufferpool.

This function can be used in association with the PoolSize command to improve system stability.

By default, this command is not present in fsx.CFG and it comes with four thresholds to be chosen from:

  • 524288 = 512K
  • 262144 = 256K
  • 126976 = 128K
  • 98304 = 96K

RejectThreshold=524288     // 512K=524288,   256K=262144,   124K=126976,   96K=98304

One could start from the largest 512K and then lower the threshold one step at a time in order to find out the best result for the system.

2 thoughts on “92: fsx.CFG – RejectThreshold

  1. Thanks for all the great info, you’ve really done an amazing job with this website/blog. One thing I would suggest adding however is a glossary as I understand everything in this post except what the bufferpool actually is and what function it has. That information would be very helpful and I’m sure would help a lot of people have a more detailed understanding of what these tweaks actually do and in turn lead to knowing how to apply them better. For example, in what situation would it be appropriate to raise or lower this value and what possible effects will it have on any other tweaks? I have read lots of forums where they do explain this stuff but it’s always pretty badly written, I think you could do a much better/clearer job.


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