275: Twin Piper RPM Gauge

This is my first FIP gauge for multi-engines, which was earlier requested by Rune


Koppen who lives in Norway.   It is a replica of the RPM gauge on his favorite Twin Piper Navajo.   The gauge is not a complicated one but still requires some times and efforts on the graphics side.

On this celebrating Christmas time, the gauge Continue reading

271: P3D Clouds Part 1 – Height Matters

Although by changing the base, ceiling, thickness and coverage values of the cumulus cloud from P3D’s Advanced Weather option, one can generate different cloud effects, there are Eight (8) Basic Thresholds that actually determine the ultimate appearance of the cumulus cloud in the simulator.


The first three (3) relates to Continue reading

270: Attitude Indicator with Announciator

Was originally planning to finish the Heading Indicator in coming January but couldn’t help to get this Attitude Indicator with Announciator jumping the line, as I found the showing of information corresponding to the status of the aircraft more prevailing.


In addition to the newly made Attitude Indicator and Announciator Panel, extra displays for ADF, NAV1, NAV2, DME1, DME2 and XPDR were also implemented so that single Radio Panel users like me don’t have to switch frequently just for Continue reading