608: New Cessna Compass

From time to time I receive inquires if my FIP Cessna Compass has a simpler version.  Some say that they don’t need the light buttons and some simply express they want a clean one without any additional features at all.

All right, as you wish.  The Clean version is on the left (click image to enlarge), the Extended version with OMI markers and NAV/GPS indicators in the middle; and the extra Hover version is on the right (good for cockpit layout having the compass put on top).

What’s more, they are free to all existing users (by the time of this post) of the Cessna compass gauges. Continue reading

607: My New Adventure has just begun

My son recently bought me a 3D printer while I was telling him how I sourced the components and modified one of them to be used as the handle for my parking brake.  He joked that I could print out whatever I want from now on.

After a week’s waiting, I finally received the 3D printer yesterday.  Frankly, I am pretty excited because I’ve been longing to get one for a long time.

Although I am a total stranger to this area, I couldn’t help printing some demos immediately and started searching some 3D models on the Internet for the flightsim parts I planned to get, such as the flaps lever.

Followings are the 2nd test print of the flaps lever handle Continue reading

606: ReConfigure FIP Knobs for A2A C182T

A user of my Integrated Fuel Gauges (INTFG) for the A2A C182T recently asked if it is possible to reconfigure JUST the left or the right knob on the FIP to handle all fuel tank selections, instead of using both knobs for the left and right tank individually as I predefined for the gauges.

Yes, it is possible via SPAD.neXt.  Here are the steps: Continue reading

605: GPU Enhancement thru HAGS

If you have updated your Windows 10 to version 2004, wonder if you know the latest version has a new feature called Windows Display Driver Model (WDDM 2.7) which supports Hardware-Accelerated GPU scheduling (HAGS) function.

HAGS allows GPU to take over the video memory scheduling from CPU, so that resources are not only saved on the CPU but the latency on the graphics card will be reduced as well.

In simple English, overall performance of the graphics card is enhanced, which is a good thing as all simulators available today are CPU intensive.

A prerequisite, however, is required to activate the function Continue reading

604: Setting In-Between

As mentioned in My P3Dv5 Settings, I set the Autogen and Scenery Draw Distance to High as it gives me the best balance to see as much autogens as possible.

Recently, I am cling to push it one more step to Very High for even more visible objects.  Sadly, this brings a little impact even though it is just barely noticeable.  I couldn’t help to think that it would be great if there were one more stop in between High and Very High.

Since the Setting Page doesn’t have the option, I turned to Continue reading

603: My Cockpit Rev #21 – Covering up FIP Up-Dn Buttons

From time to time, I receive emails from non-SpadneXt users asking if it is possible to turn off the up/down LEDs on the FIPs.  Frankly speaking, I didn’t care much whether they were lit or not in the past.  So typically I would give them an answer NO.

Until recently I have my cockpit layout properly,  I then understand why they have the needs.  Even so, my answer was still a NO unfortunately.

But there was one time I was joking to a friend saying that “You could Continue reading

602: FIP Turn On Fix

After Windows 10’s last few updates, I encountered some strange behavior on my Flight Instrument Panels (FIPs).  They are connected via two USB hubs on my networked Surface Pro as described in Post 581.  I normally turn them ON after the flight simulator is loaded on the main PC.

But after recent updates, a few FIPs (not the same every time) won’t turn on at all sometimes.  I’ll need to cold boot the Surface Pro in order to have them back to work normally.  This happens about once or twice in every 10 start ups.

The FIPs were checked; hubs – checked; power – checked.  I even swapped the ports and the hubs.  Nothing unusual found.  Besides Continue reading

601: My Cockpit Rev #20 – Ruddo Rudder Adjustment

VirtualFly’s Ruddo (not the plus model) is one of the highly praised rudders on the market.  I got mine last year but only started using it until a few months ago (for some personal reasons).
The Ruddo is made of metal completely and therefore very heavy and sturdy.  And unlike other similar products, it comes with 8 springs to allow users to configure the best possible pressing force on the pedals of their choices for ideal maneuverings.

It is so far the best rudders I ever have.

However, there’s one thing I don’t like in particular — it is Continue reading