658: MSFS M20R Ovation Gauges Pre-Sale

Have been flying much with the Carenado M20R Ovation a lot lately.   I quite like this airplane so I am working on to develope the corresponding FIP gauges for it.

On the aircraft, the ADF, TCR and VSI are generally the same MSFS Multi-shared gauges already developed.  The others – ASI, ATT, ALT, HSI, VOR2 and Engine Gauges, plus the LED-style moving Flaps, Elevator and Rudder Trims Indicators – are aircraft specific and so have to be created accordingly.

Similar to the earlier MSFS Default Gauges Bundle Offers, a  Pre-sale Discount (up to 40% off) is open to all who are interested in this M20R Ovation Gauge Set; and there will be two Options available:
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Cockpit: Philippe Boudreault (CYMT, Canada)

Many friends I met through my blog here are long-time flightsim enthusiasts.  Philippe Boudreault from Chibougamau, Québec, Canada is one of them.  Here’s his “generic” cockpit intended to fit different aircraft.

Builder: Philippe Boudreault
Location: Canada
ICAO: CYMT, Aéroport de Chibougamau-Chapais, Canada

Project Notes:
I love Flight Simulator from a long time ago. I use to begin with Flight Simulator 95. I always dream of having a really good quality setup. That’s why I recently bought all the stuff I have. Continue reading

655: ASI & ATT2 for Zlin Shock Ultra

Two new gauges for Zlin Shock Ultra in MSFS 2020 has been developed.  One is the Airspeed Indicator (ASI); and the other is the current Multi-shared Attitude Indicator (ATT) integrated with a small inclinometer.

Many Airspeed Indicators in MSFS 2020, including this Zlin one, are using km/h unit — a bit odd from KNOTS and MHP that are commonly used in FSX, P3D and X-Plane.  So I am including a KNOTS version as well for users to choose from.

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654: My Vegetations Mod Updated

In addition to some adjustments to the maximum and minimun values in my last modified vegetation file reported in Post 648, a new tweak to display trees to far distance without performance hit (click image below to enlarge) is further included.  It has become my MUST-HAVE tweak for MSFS 2020.

As we know that simulators only load up autogens within specific distance surrounding the aircraft.  With this mod showing vegetations virtually unlimited in far distance, the popping up of other autogens becomes unnoticeable — giving you an illusion that everything is already in place.

The last modified vegetation file I put in the Freeware Section in my Store has been updated with this new one. Continue reading

653: My Cockpit Rev #25

During the last two holiday weeks, I basically spent all my free time on playing MSFS 2020, and fine-tuning the computer and MSFS setup.  Now the Radios from Flight Illusion is working fine with MSFS in general.  Even though not fully compatible, yet they look great together with the FIPs.

Regarding the Thrustmaster TPR Pendular Rudder I added to my system last November, I would say it is the best from all Pedals I’ve ever used. Continue reading