News: Spaceship Program Update

Remember the story about the Spaceship Landed in Panama reported in sds-1mid-October?   The project has proceeded to the next stage and there is now a dedicated blog page about it.

In addition to the information about the program, Erik has also shared his view regarding monitor choosing for the project and how he overcame stutter issues in FSX and P3D during the project development.


405: No Objection Allowed!

Not really in mood these days on my gauge projects or writing posts for the blog.  Pre-holiday mood I guess.

But I really want to say somethings after a friend who sent me his account spammingsuspension notice from Orbx because he just expressed his opinions against the company’s recent dropping of PayPal in their shop.

Read the posts.  My friend and many others as customers do have their good reasons against the company’s decision.   Continue reading