26: Remove Unwanted Views

In FSX, there are many views one can choose from and cycle through by pressing S (next category) and A (next view in category) on the keyboard, including Cockpit (2D), Virtual Cockpit (3D), Locked Spot, FlyBy, Top-Down, etc.   Often there are views that we seldom or never use, however.

Steps below will get rid some of them for good.

Option 1:
1) Locate Cameras.cfg (x:\Users\<user>\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\FSX) and make a backup of it
2) Open the file and you will find 11 Camera Definition sectons inside
3) Just delete the Camera Definition section(s) you don’t need
4) Save and Exit

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25: Follow Your Eyes

FSX Banking Camera is a very interesting utility that can change the viewing angle of virtual cockpit while the aircraft is banking.  It is, in some way, like a simplified version of Natural Point’s TrackIR.

Unlike TrackIR, it doesn’t need any hardware and won’t cause any FPS dropping.  Moreover, it is free.

The program can be downloaded from the developer’s website which includes more information about the program.

24: Reduce Autogen File Size

Autogen objects are defined by default.xml under FSX’s Autogen folder.   Many third-party sceneries during installation will add new objects to the file, making it bigger and bigger.

Here’s a quick and easy way to reduce the size of it and bring some improvements, especially to low- to mid-end computers.

1) Locate default.xml in the Autogen folder of the Microsoft Flight Simulator X directory (x:\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Autogen)

2) Backup the file first for safety sake

3) Open the file with Notepad

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