674: MSFS Addons Linker

During the CTD period in the last two days, a few friends including Demetrius and Robert Temmerman recommended me the free utility MSFS Addons Linker in Flightsim.to, which helps effectively manage addons loaded to the Community folder as well as to enhance a safer and easier environment in case I need to empty the folder.

The utility was also suggested by John H. Helms, who provided the tips for increasing ships in Post 665 about a month ago.

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673: MSFS is really Depressing – Update

I am so happy to report that the MSFS on both my machines have recovered from CTDs. One by reinstalling to a new folder.  The other was by replacing the Community Folder with an empty one.

After I posted the CTDs on both my machines yesterday, Robert Temmerman suggested me to remove the Community folder to avoid any potential or tangible incompatibility among the addons in the folder with MSFS update.  He said he ran into similar situations before and it took him a while to figure this out.

Jim Gerow also forwarded me an announcement from RealsimGear saying that their addons are temporarily incompatible with MSFS after France update and they are working onto fixing it.

Sadly, I didn’t receive any notice from RealsimGear nor I alerted enough to aware that the GNSs I recently added to my system would be the culprit causing the crash.

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672: MSFS is really Depressing

MSFS is really a depressing game to me. It took me nearly two months to get it installed on my PC in the beginning. Then having this and that issue fixed and solved over the months, I finally had it set up right recently.

But after the latest France update yesterday, it crashes to desktop (CTD) on BOTH of my machines, meaning I am totally shut off from it.

I am currently reinstalling the game on one of my machines again.  It’s going to take another 12 hours or so, l believe, for the 171.83GB contents.

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667: Carenado or Just Flight…Not a Question

There are two versions of Piper PA28R Arrow III on the market for MSFS — one from Carenado and the other from Just Flight.

I released three of the Gauges (ASI, MFP & RPM) for the Carenado Arrow III a month ago. Since then, there were inquires checking if they could be played on the Just Flight Arrow. And responses from users afterwards confirmed that they were running nicely on the Just Flight plane although they look a little differently .

After some searchings, I decided to purchase the Just Flight plane as well so as to develop Gauges for it alongside with the Carenado Arrow. Continue reading

666: MSFS Gauges Updated

The Multi-Shared HDG for MSFS has been updated to version R1r01 with the “Flag” missing in the last version while the engine is not spinning.

Download link has been sent earlier to all users and it should be in their mailboxes by now.  If not, contact me via email or the Comment Section below.  Note that the link will expire in 7 days.

In addition, Engine Gauges of the Carenado M20R Ovation were also updated. Continue reading