368: C152 II FIP Gauge Update

The C152 II FIP Gauges are the fourth set just updated in the last few days.   Major changes include an extra 4-digit QNH C152_160626_GIFAltimeter version and overall graphical enhancements.  Not much changes in codes as they were updated just a month ago.

As usual, users of the gauges should have received the download links by now in their mailboxes.

Although more updates are coming but that is all for this week.  The four updates in the last few days should keep most users busy for awhile.

367: Piper Cub FIP Gauges Major Update

The FIP gauges for the default Piper Cub have just been updated to version 160625.   In addition to a number of coding PiperCub_160625_GIFand graphical enhancements that make the gauges more outstanding from the background, an extra 4-digit QNH Altimeter version is also added to the package.

Users of the gauges should have received the new download by now.

Stay tuned for more updates to come.


365: RealAir Duke Gauges Major Update

The RealAir Duke Gauges have been updated to version 160622, which includes a number of fixes and major graphical RASDuke_160622_GIFenhancement, plus the additional “Extra” VSI version and Oil Quantity in Turbine Engine set.

Existing users should have received email(s) containing the download links and related information by now in their mailboxes.

Another upgrade to come soon is the GaugeSwitcher utility.   The new version will not only simplify UI and operations, but also has the ability to delete unwanted profiles from the list.   Most importantly, there will be no more needs of pressing “Esc” during switching.

Stay tuned.


363: R22 Robinson Gauge Released

The R22 Robinson Gauge Set for the Saitek FIP is finally completed.   It was requested by some helicopter fans many months ago.   Equipment in the R22 cockpit, from compass to flight instrument, and from clock and warning lights to engine gauges, have all been integrated into this 9-FIP gauge set.

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Similar to my other works, Continue reading

362: Duke Turbine Engine Gauges Released

The Moritz Digital Engine Gauges for the Duke Turbine V2 are now ready, RASDukeT_ENG_JPGwhich completes the two RAS Duke gauge sets released earlier in March.

This engine set consists of six gauges in pair format, including the Torque (TRQ), ITT Temperature, NG %RPM, Prop RPM, Fuel Flow and Fuel Pressure.

One known issue — small deviations sometimes appear on the NG %RPM and Prop RPM gauges due to the two gauges using local variables (Lvars), which the Saitek FIP driver doesn’t support.  It’s more prominent when the aircraft is on the ground, and less significant in the air.
Nevertheless, various workaround codings have been implemented to minimize incompatibility derived from the Saitek drivers. Continue reading

News: No More FTX Region Switching

With the release of its latest Library 160528, Orbx announces its soon-to-come unified lclookup (landclass lookup) update, which will completely eliminate the need of switching regions via FTX Central anymore.

No doubt it’s a good thing.  But since regions and scenery will all be active under the new environment, will the startup loading time be prolonged proportionally or even significantly is yet to discover, not to mention any unknown potential performance hit?

The size of the library is now triple of previous versions.   Let’s hope for the better, nevertheless.

EDIT 1: The new FTX Central is already available.
EDIT 2: Just had a quick flight and didn’t see any performance hit.