15: Scenery Library Priority Guidelines

Scenery Library Priority Guidelines

1) Sceneries Grouped by Regions

NL=New Zealand
NA=North America
CA=Central & South America

2) Arranged as follows (could be in alphabetical order)

Single scenery (mission/airport)
Area-related scenery
Country-related scenery
Region-related scenery (landclass/mesh)
World-wide (landclass/mesh)

3) If a scenery has several components, follow developer’s instruction

If not, follow below:

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10: fsx.CFG – AffinityMask

For Multiple Core support in FSX, add the following command line in fsx.CFG file.   The setting is not shown by default.


Choice of <n> as follows:

For 2-core 4-thread CPU
15=1111 = ALL 4 cores
14=1110 = last 3 cores  (cores read from back to front)
7=0111 = first 3 cores
3=0011 = first 2 cores
1=0001 = first core

For 4-core 8-thread CPU
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09: Disable Unwanted Airplanes

There are certain aircrafts we may not want to display in FSX at all.  Besides uninstalling them from the system, we can go to the SimObjects folder and

Rename the “panel” folder to “panel-0” to disable all aircrafts under the same group; or

Open aircraft.cfg and change the “panel=” of specific aircrafts to “panel=0” to hide them from showing up.

08: Fail to Add Scenery

The Add Area function under Scenery Library somehow fails to install new sceneries under Windows 7.   The simple solution is to edit the Scenery.CFG file manually in order to place new addons to the Scenery Library as described below:

1. Locate Scenery.CFG file from  C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\FSX\
2. Make a backup of the Scenery.CFG file before making any changes.
3. Open the file with Notepad and go to the end of it.
4. Copy the last scenery section and Paste to the end.
5. Add 1 to the number of both Area and Layer.
6. Change Title as required
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07: North America PNW Small Airfields

Freeware and payware small airfields of Orbx FTX and OZx North America Small Airfields

Stark’s Twin Oaks, Hillsboro – 7S3 –  (OL03.248018)

[Washington State]
Burden Field (Rabbit Run) – 61WA –  (78WA.242007) (2S1.319064)
Center Is – 78WA –  (WN07.270001)
Clam Harbour – WA35 –  (CraneIs.035002)
Concrete Municipal – 3W5 –  (1S2.319017)
Crane Island (6WA5.304001)
Darrington – 1S2 –  (WA61.033046)
Decatur/Jones – WA18 –  (74S.257005)
Decatur Shores – WN07 – (WA18.180001)
Israel’s Farm – WA56 – (3W5.243013)
Kendall – WN08 –  (90WA.050037)
Ranger Ck Enumclaw – 21W –  (WA77.099022)
Shaw Island – 6WA5 –  (61WA.353006)
Spieden Island –  (WA35.259008)
Stuart Is Airpark – 7WA5 –  (SpiedenIs.300002)
Thompson Airport – WA61 –  (2S1.334020)
Vashon Island Municipal – 2S1 –  (WA69.355003)
Waldronaire – 90WA –  (7WA5.050006)
Wax Orchards, Vashon Is – WA69 –  (21W.282046)

[British Columbia]
Cardiff Mountain –  (TsuniahCk.124011)
Tsuniah Creek –  (CAF4.024006)
Twin Lakes – ZAG4 –  This is a waterstart at CAG4

Spieden Islandkh (7WA5.127002)  means that to find Spieden Island
1. Depart 7WA5
2. Head 127 Magnetic
3. Fly 2 Nautical Miles

Settings Used

Mesh complexity :    100
Mesh resolution :   5m (23)
Texture resolution:    7cm (29)
Scenery complexity :  Extremely Dense (5)
Autogen density:  Very Dense (4)