317: Starting Up Networked FIPs Locally

Putting FIPs on a networked PC
could reserve system resources for the simulator but the FIPs on the remote computer have to be started manually.

Stefano Cancelli in the Comment section of the story provides a solution by using a Microsoft utility called PSExec.    Via PSExec, the FIPs on the networked PC can now start up automatically when FSX on the local computer launches, and quits when FSX exits.

Very useful tips and followings are the instruction from Stef: Continue reading

News: New FIP Driver and New Simulator

Noted by Jack Pickett, Saitek has released a newer driver 7_0_42_12 for the FIPs.   It updates all “DirectOutput.*” files under “C:\Program Files\Saitek\DirectOutput” directory.   As usual, you won’t get any idea from the company regarding what’s been fixed and changed in the new driver.   Anyway, it works without a problem.

In addition, Paul Racines sent the link of a coming simulator by NGIS (Next Generation Interactive Software).   Watched the video at the bottom of the page.  Very impressive.  Not sure what it will bring to general flightsimmers yet.

Thanks Jack and Paul.


316: A Quick Word on P3Dv3

Is Prepar3D version 3 better ?

Definitely.   I find improvements a little bit here, a little bit there.   Overall about 10% better than the last version 2.5 in general I would say.

Justified to pay in full again ?

Definitely NOT.   I accept an upgrade fee but definitely not willing to pay in full again.

Sadly, we don’t have a choice if we want to stick with Prepar3D.   We will do it sooner or later eventually.

Finally, be prepared to pay again after another 24 months or so.   What a company !

315: A Temp Solution to Fly P3Dv3 with Existing Addons

The new Prepar3D Version 3 (P3Dv3) takes the same approach P3Dv3_00as its predecessors to include the version number in its system registry (from Prepar3D to Prepar3D v2 to Prepar3D v3).   Making many addons have to rebuild a new installer in order to recognize the change, even when the new P3Dv3 is installed onto the same drive and same program directory as the previous version.

For those who wouldn’t want to wait for the release of new compatible installers, here’s a quick temporary solution to run the new P3Dv3 with existing addons from earlier versions.

I am using Orbx’s addon as an example.   And the region used in P3Dv2 is set to FTX Global Hybrid.

My Prepar3D version 2 is installed on P:\Prepar3D, and version 3 on P:\Prepar3Dv3.
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314: Connecting FIPs on Networked PC

Running Flight Instrument Panels (FIPs) will drag the performance of the simulator to some extent.   To minimize the impacts on some not so high-end PCs, off-loading them to a spare computer isn’t a bad idea.

FIP B_Gauges
Off-loading FIPs to Another Computer Could Minimize Performance Hit to the System.

To those who are “network-phobia”, here’s an example how I put the FIPs (with some help from Ricardo in the first place) to work on a spare computer in my family network. Continue reading

313: A Reply to Stutter Quick Fix

Stutters are annoying.  A friend asked if there is any quick fix to stutters since he has fed up with the endless tuning of his system.  Yes, just turn off all the traffic and you will see instant improvement.   Actually, many videos found on the Internet are taking this trade-off approach to render a smooth screen display.

The fix is quick but certainly not a perfect solution.



312: Make a Better World, Virtual and Real

Rebuilding shader cache is a commonly used method to fix many issues suddenly coming up without a proper cause in either FSX or P3D.  Shaders Cleaner helps clean Shader Cache right before the loading of FSX or P3D.


Anyone interested to get a copy the utility please make a donation to Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) / Doctors Without Borders so as to help those people out there needing the love and care from the medical humanitarian organization.

Proposed donation amount is USD 5.0 for either the FSX or P3D version of the utility, or USD 8.0 for both versions.   More are appreciated, of course.

To make your donation now, click here.   Or you can click on the Shaders Cleaner images above, and then click on the [DONATE NOW] button and forward your MSF donation receipt to me at tom.fsxtimes@gmail.com.  Do specify which version (FSX or P3D) of the utility you prefer.  Download link will be sent asap.
What the world needs now is love.  Let’s give a hand to make a better world, no matter it’s virtual or real.