316: A Quick Word on P3Dv3

Is Prepar3D version 3 better ?

Definitely.   I find improvements a little bit here, a little bit there.   Overall about 10% better than the last version 2.5 in general I would say.

Justified to pay in full again ?

Definitely NOT.   I accept an upgrade fee but definitely not willing to pay in full again.

Sadly, we don’t have a choice if we want to stick with Prepar3D.   We will do it sooner or later eventually.

Finally, be prepared to pay again after another 24 months or so.   What a company !


8 thoughts on “316: A Quick Word on P3Dv3

  1. Hi Tom,
    I running 2 x Titan Black, doing a perfect job!! FPS settings unlimmited!! All scenerie settings to the extreme.
    But have just one problem, can’t capture screenshot using V, it’s says “unable to capture screenshot”, do You no of this problem?

    Su – Geert


  2. Couldn’t agree more. Its alot of money for what is essentially the same software. It should have been a free or low cost major service pack. I’m sure it wouldn’t have sent Lockheed Martin to bankruptcy.


  3. Hey Tom,
    Haven’t been on for a while, but think I will comment on the new LM V3.0.
    I’m up running with all my orbx stuff, ASN, GSX and A1 traffics.
    Verry nice grafic and the fps running from 30 to 70, thats abt. 15 – 20 higher than
    V2.5, is it then worth to pay for? well I think so, with the new version I haven’t seen
    the OOM, but that’s happens from time to time with the old one, flying a longer distance over cloudy arries!
    happy for ORBX not taking extra for update there vrapper to v.3.0, but I make the installations without that!
    But, it’s sadly for those who can’t get arround in the hart of the flightsim, they have to
    pay extra. The flightsim world have become a huges Industry!

    Happy flying my friend
    from DK – Geert


    1. Hi Geert,
      I guess the result depends on what hardware we have. I have seen a few times OOM, which I don’t remember encountering when start using v25. Anyway, it’s still good in general.
      Regarding framerate, I don’t even get as much improvement as yours even my card has been upgraded to a Titan X. I am still setting framerate at 31. But have to admit that my graphics setting is steeper than before. Also, v3 runs smoother than v25.
      Yeah, there are ways to install previous addons without new installer. I have installed quite some airports without the installer as well.
      Have a nice weekend


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