675: XPL_GaugeSwitcher v11 Update

The XPL_GaugeSwitcher, which helps users running my Gauges under Logitech X-Plane plugins, has been updated to version 11. xpl_gsw_11

Besides new features, enhancements and optimizations, two ready-made Profiles for the B58 and C172SP are included to the new version so that users of these gauges can start flying with them immediately.

For those who are currently using the XPL_GaugeSwitcher with custom-made Profiles created already, no worry. Continue reading

645: Auto-Slew G5 HSI in X-Plane

A user of my XPL G5 gauges recently sent me a note saying that the CDI instruments found in the C172 do not automatically turn to the GPS desired course by default.  But we can make a little change to “activate” the G5 HSI to auto-slew to the front course.

Here’s how to do it:

Open the Cessna_172SP.acf with a text editor in the “\X-Plane 11\Aircraft\Laminar Research\Cessna 172SP” folder.

In the file, search for Continue reading

619: XPL G5 with GPS Approach Implemented

Thanks to Michael Sühs who kindly explained the operation of the GPS Approach on the GNS 430 and G1000 to me, the XPL Generic G5 HSI and PFD for X-Plane have been updated to R1r03 and R1r05 respectively with GPS Approach capability.  In addition, some bugs were fixed on the two instruments as well.
Download Links have been sent earlier today.  Current users should have received the email(s) in their mailboxes by now.   If not, Continue reading

578: No More Fuel-Flow Issue on XPL Gauges

Regarding the fuel-flow reading errors caused by Logitech’s X-Plane plugin on Flight Instrument Panel (FIP) reported in Post 505, I am so happy to announce that the nasty issue has been finally solved for good, no need to beg for help from Logitech any more.

In light of some addons I came across:  since the Logitech plugin fails to read the “fuel_flow_kg_sec” dataref properly, I popped up an idea that I could probably create something else to substitute the erratic function to read the fuel-flow values correctly. Continue reading

550: GaugeSwitcher now Runs in X-Plane

To help users of my FIP gauges (who are using Logitech’s default drivers and/or plugins for FIP controls) to quickly switch among different FIP set-ups, such as from gauges specifically made for the Mooney Bravo to the gauges for Extra 300S, I developed two utilities — the GaugeSwitcher (for FSX/P3D) and the XPL_GaugeSwitcher (for X-Plane).

But unlike the FSX/P3D version that can be run at anytime despite the simulator is active or not, the X-Plane cousin was deliberately restricted to ONLY allow gauge switchings while X-Plane is not running.  This is due to huge memory usages in X-Plane, which could easily crash the system when unloading and reloading already-active plugins that also consumes a lot of memory, such as the Logitech X-Plane plugins together with the FIP gauges.

After more than a year since its launch, the updated XPL_GaugeSwitcher which doesn’t have the restriction is now available. Continue reading