250: New Gauges – Sorry, Not Free

Time flies.  The next Anniversary of FSX Times is coming in two months.   FSX Times will be four years old.

In the note for the last Anniversary day, I mentioned that it’s very likely that I would set up a Donation link for my blog so that I could get some free cups of coffee while sharing my hours of works and creations for the flight simulation friends.

Unfortunately, Paypal’s requirements towards oversea donation uses are harsh.   In my country, only registered charity organizations would get their approvals.

Since I’ve developed many gauges for the flight instrument panel (FIP) users for free for years, I believe it shouldn’t be irritating if I charge a small price for some of the new gauges that are complex and time-consuming to build.   Updates to these gauges, of course, will be free and be on high priority.

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249: Tame the Rudders Update 2

Really don’t have much to update lately since I’ve been spending most of my flighsim time in finetuning various aspects of the new P3Dv2 platform based on my previous FSX experience.

Yes, P3Dv2 is now my core simulator as it no doubt excels FSX in many features once it is set up properly.

Regarding the pedals, I found lowering the overall Flight model in Realism to medium level would further enhance taxi-maneuvering without hampering the realistic rudder experience I had on the real airplane.


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