338: Video of Aircreation 582SL Gauges

Per some friends’s request, here’s a short video showing what the Aircreation 582SL gauges look like on the screen.

BTW, many default FSX aircrafts are portable to P3D.   For example, I’ve been using FSX’s C172 SP in P3D for years without a problem.

Just copy the whole Airplanes folder from one platform to the other.  That will do.

Surely, for some aircrafts, you may need to copy their respective gauges and sound files from the “\gauges” and “\Sound” folders.

337: Gauges for the Low and Slow

The Aircreation 582 SL is probably the very first aircraft almost all users start to fly with in FSX.   It once was my favorite too as it is not only simple to operate but also can fly low and slow.

Had thought about doing the FIP gauges for this tricycle ultralight long time ago.   With the Chinese New Year timeframe over the last few weeks in which I enjoyed a bit more free time from taking care of my little grandson (he is one-year-old now), I finally had the gauges done.
Now, I can fly very low and slow again to enjoy the view and scenery in simulator I missed a lot for a long time.   Continue reading