17: A Great Tool to Sort Scenery Layers

I used to use Orbx’s FTXCentral utility to re-sort scenery layers to proper sequential order.  FTXCentral is good but have a number of cons.

FSTscenery by Steve Greenwood is an extremely helpful alternative if sorting Layer number sequence/priority is the only requirement.   It creates a new version of scenery.CFG with all areas ordered properly.  Gaps in area or layer numbers are also deleted.

The file can be downloaded from Steve’s flight-sim traveler website.

16: fsx.CFG for Nvidia GTX285

Following is the fsx.CFG I used for my GigaByte Nvidia GTX285Nvidia driver used is with nHancer
Average framerate achieve is 39 on my Dell 30-inch.

AffinityMask=14     // 14 for last 3 cores — No need setting to 15 for 4 cores
RejectThreshold=126976    //124Kb = 126976

ALLOW_SHADER_30=1 // === Important to assist PoolSize ===
HIGHMEMFIX=1 // Fix errors of black squares around lights whilst panning around

TextureMaxLoad=12 //Use multiples of 3 ONLY but may induce stutters
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