681: AC582SL MSFS Version

The Air Creation 582SL was my favorite ultralite trike in FSX/P3D, for which I developed FIP Gauges for it a few years ago.  I am so glad to find a remodeled MSFS version of it in Flightsim.to, which seems attracted a lot of interests now.

Had it installed and flied with it for some hours.  Frankly, wouldn’t say that it is as good as the original.  But at least it is playable.  In particular, my original AC582SL gauges can fully work with it without any issue, including the backlit too. 
I have modified the gauges Continue reading

680: Third Level or Further Down Below

Due to vulnerability of the Community folder in MSFS, I recently useaddonlinker01 the MSFS_Addon_Linker to map all my external apps to the folder in oder to keep things manageable just in case.

Everything works fine except the RealSimGear app for the GNS430 and 530, unfortunately.  It was similarly put under the Addons folder where I store all my external apps.

The app seemed to be loaded into MSFS successfully but only a few buttons work. Continue reading

678: Fitting RSG GNS Display Easily

Read from RealSimGear’s forum that some users have alignment IMG_1577_resizeissues when moving the GPS displays from the virtual cockpit to the GNS430 and GNS530.

The official instruction says that there is no need to resize the popped out GPS screens from the virtual cockpit. Just move them over to the GNSs and press right Alt-Enter.  The GPS screens will fit on the devices accordingly.

Unfortunately, it’s not just those users in the forum having problems in doing so.  I encountered the same situation that the GPS screens wouldn’t fit onto the GNSs by following the official instruction as well.

Here’s my solutions: Continue reading

677: G1000 on FIP is now Possible

Have you ever had an idea if the G1000 instruments could be shown on the Logitech’s Flight Instrument Panels (FIPs), it would be great?
It is possible now.

John of Simgeneering, a private pilot in New Zealand, said he was inspired to create his own since he couldn’t find one on the market for his instrument rating training.

So far, he has implmented an emulator for the G1000 MFD (Multi-function Display), which Continue reading

675: XPL_GaugeSwitcher v11 Update

The XPL_GaugeSwitcher, which helps users running my Gauges under Logitech X-Plane plugins, has been updated to version 11. xpl_gsw_11

Besides new features, enhancements and optimizations, two ready-made Profiles for the B58 and C172SP are included to the new version so that users of these gauges can start flying with them immediately.

For those who are currently using the XPL_GaugeSwitcher with custom-made Profiles created already, no worry. Continue reading

674: MSFS Addons Linker

During the CTD period in the last two days, a few friends including Demetrius and Robert Temmerman recommended me the free utility MSFS Addons Linker in Flightsim.to, which helps effectively manage addons loaded to the Community folder as well as to enhance a safer and easier environment in case I need to empty the folder.

The utility was also suggested by John H. Helms, who provided the tips for increasing ships in Post 665 about a month ago.

Honestly, Continue reading

673: MSFS is really Depressing – Update

I am so happy to report that the MSFS on both my machines have recovered from CTDs. One by reinstalling to a new folder.  The other was by replacing the Community Folder with an empty one.

After I posted the CTDs on both my machines yesterday, Robert Temmerman suggested me to remove the Community folder to avoid any potential or tangible incompatibility among the addons in the folder with MSFS update.  He said he ran into similar situations before and it took him a while to figure this out.

Jim Gerow also forwarded me an announcement from RealsimGear saying that their addons are temporarily incompatible with MSFS after France update and they are working onto fixing it.

Sadly, I didn’t receive any notice from RealsimGear nor I alerted enough to aware that the GNSs I recently added to my system would be the culprit causing the crash.

Unfortunately, Continue reading