228: FSX with Windows 8.1

FSX is prone to crash under Windows 8 — a lot of people reported that on the Internet, even though there are still many positive feedbacks about the combination.  Windows8Frankly speaking, I was really a bit nervous about my bold decision of upgrading to the new OS.  And I was prepared to encounter all sorts of unexpected FSX problems plus the notorious crash-to-desktop (CTD) issue.

To my surprise, in the first few days after FSX with Acceleration was installed under Windows 8.1 on my new computer, the simulator not only performed smoothly without the need of any tweaks but also ran sturdily.   It didn’t crash at all, not even once during those days, UNTIL … Continue reading

227: FSX is still my Preferred Simulator

After switching back and forth between Windows 7 and Windows 8, and FSX and Prepar3D, for over a dozen of times within the past seven days, I have to say that FSX is still my preferred simulator.

Over the week’s testing under Windows 7 and Windows 8, the new P3D performed satisfactorily, especially it off-loaded quite a bit of CPU processing work to the graphics card. However, FSX is still functioning better than the P3D in general.  Moreover, P3D, as I mentioned in earlier posts, has some issues with the Saitek hardware — in particular the FIPs, which also stops me from choosing it as my new platform.

My 7 FIPs have no problem connecting to P3D but Continue reading

226: Prepar3D is Good but…

After testing P3D for a few days, I have to say that it still hasn’t convince me to switch away from FSX.   One of the most devastating reasons is the program couldn’t work with my Saitek hardware seamlessly.   For example, the yoke and rudders are intermittently losing connections during a flight.  And in particular the gauge displays on FIPs, most of the time, are stuttering.

I must admit that I am amazed by P3D’s stunning image and lighting renditions even though the high-quality effect does come with a performance hit.   I am still exploring solutions to the issues I encountered.

So for now, Continue reading

Misc: P3D V2 and Saitek FIP

Installation so far so good but tried for a few hours and still unable to add Saitek’s FIPs to the P3D system. P3DInstall

Appreciate suggestions from anyone who has installed FIPs successfully with P3D.

Update 1:
Was wondering where to put those Saitek drivrs.  Now I see the exe.xml file doesn’t exist by default and I have to create it or copy it from FSX manually.  Big thanks to John, Dave and HBE66 for your quick advices.  Will do it and try it later.

Update 2:
Just copied the exe.xml file from FSX and the FIPs now work in P3D.