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Please note that I am going to have my eye surgery for cataracts this week.
From Oct-9, I’ll keep minimal access to my computer for a couple of weeks.  Replies to inquiries and emails will be SLOW during this period.



515: Annunicator Panel Video Preview

Logitech (previous Saitek) has an Information Panel but I never like it as it looks odd in almost all virtual cockpits due to its huge size and footprint.

That’s one of the reasons why I developed the Integrated series of gauges for the C172SP in the first place, on which the annunciator panel fits nicely to the Attitude Indicator (ATTAN).

Since the release of the C172SP Standalone gauges many years ago, I’ve been trying to create an equivalent annunicator panel that looks as good as the one on the ATTAN.   There were dozens of idea tried over the years but none was satisfied, no matter they were rendered onto a separate FIP (Flight Instrument Panel) or incorporated into any existing standalone gauges.

Finally, here comes the most satisfied annunicator panel design that I am quite happy with at present.  Following is the video preview of it.

With the target in mind that Continue reading

513: Free Private Pilot Study Guide

Redbird Flight Simulations has a “Training Events Workbook” to help private pilot students and teachers using their simulators. The Workbook covers topics including home-study exercises and oral exam prep questions, as well as scenario based training through simulator missions.

Although you may not have access to or be trained in a Redbird simulator, the book is still a good training supplement to any private pilot curriculum.   The book is now free for download from here or by clicking on the image.

Poll: How many FIPs do you have ?

The first gauge project I developed in 2014 for the FIPs was a full set of C172SP instrument packed onto 7 FIPs because I only had seven devices at that time.  As the number of my FIPs grows, most of the gauges I developed since then were in standalone format.   Let me know more about your FIP requirements.

As the survey is conducted via Polldaddy’s free service, participants are not allowed to view the results immediately.   However, I will update the result manually on a daily basis (see the next post) until Continue reading

A Rally on XPlane C172 Fuel Flow Issue

Regarding the Fuel Flow Issue caused by Logitech’s X-Plane plugin as detailed in Post 505 and the reply from Logitech in Post 509, David Kelly commented that we should rally together and get it done.  I think it’s a very good idea.

My request truly represents just a single incident reported by just one user.   If there are greater numbers of support requests about the fuel-flow issue to Logitech as David suggests, the company should treat the issue more seriously and might possibly create some time-frames to address the issue earlier.

If you are flying X-Plane, please help file a request about the fuel-flow dataref issue as following stated on Logitech’s Support Home. Continue reading