663: Brighten Up Missions

I got some pretty nice missions downloaded for MSFS.   But unfortunately they are not good to my eyes since the legs are scheduled to start in early morning when environment and surrounding lights are dark, especially in rural areas.

I’ve been suffering these bittersweet scenarios for months until it occurs to me that I could actually brighten up the view by altering the time of day in an easy way, instead of tampering the original files of the missions. Continue reading

660: SkyElite in FullScreen on iPad

Among the 4 most common browsers on iPads, Edge is the only one that could display SkyElite screens properly straight from loading.  The other three — Chrome, Firefox and Safari — all have misalignment issues (click image below to see the button row at the bottom).   This is due to codings of the browsers themselves, not a SkyElite issue.

However, if we want to display the SkyElite in full screen without the Toolbar on top, Safari is the only choice.  And there are two ways to do it:
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659: SkyElite for MSFS Review

This morning, I accidentally came across this less than a month old SkyElite for MSFS by 4FlightSims while searching on the Internet.   It immediately captured my eyesight with its glass-cockpit-style appearance as well as its feature-rich EFIS PFD and moving map interfaces.
And in particular, unlike other similar apps that are run on the iOS system and connected back to the flight simulator in Windows via a “bridging” program, this one is Continue reading

Cockpit: Ken (KFRG, USA) – Update

Ken has been using PilotEdge services for ATC in the last few years.  He found that many PilotEdge members are still using mouse-and-keyboard, which he can’t really tolerate.  He says that even a basic flight simulator cockpit is worth the price and effort, and it is especially true when flying a complex aircraft with live ATC.

Recently, he has replaced his Saitek Radio Panels and VRInsight Transporter with similar gears from Propwash Simulation as picture shown below.

Here’s his story why he chose them: Continue reading

658: MSFS M20R Ovation Gauges Pre-Sale

Have been flying much with the Carenado M20R Ovation a lot lately.   I quite like this airplane so I am working on to develope the corresponding FIP gauges for it.

On the aircraft, the ADF, TCR and VSI are generally the same MSFS Multi-shared gauges already developed.  The others – ASI, ATT, ALT, HSI, VOR2 and Engine Gauges, plus the LED-style moving Flaps, Elevator and Rudder Trims Indicators – are aircraft specific and so have to be created accordingly.

Similar to the earlier MSFS Default Gauges Bundle Offers, a  Pre-sale Discount (up to 40% off) is open to all who are interested in this M20R Ovation Gauge Set; and there will be two Options available:
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