381: C172SP FIP Gauges R4 Update

ALL Gauges in both the Integrated and Standalone versions of the C172SP FIP Series have been updated to R4.    This update is an important one.   It not only includes many graphical enhancements but also resolves many issues in programming and rendering, especially when dealing with SPAD.neXt.

Existing users should have received emails containing download links in their mailboxes by now.   If not, Continue reading

380: A2A C172R & C182T Engine Gauges Ready

The 4-in-1 Integrated Engine Gauges for the C172R and C182T and Manifold Pressure-Fuel Flow Gauges for the C182T are now ready.   The gauges are being sent to those who earlier purchased the C172R and/or C182T bundles.
The FIP gauges for the two A2A Cessna are now complete in general.  Surely there will be new features to add to the gauges, when appropriate, in future.

Anyone interested in this A2A Cessna Gauge Set Continue reading

379: Answer to the FIP Difference

Thanks to friends who praised me for removing the jaggies on the FIP gauges. SPADneXt_Screen

I really wish I did.  But it is Ulrich of SPAD.neXt who actually brings the difference.

As Michael comments, we users of FIPs have been disturbed by the jaggies since their launch.

Over the years, I thought the jaggies could only be solved by replacing the LCD screen with a higher resolution one.  Never expect someone could really get rid of them via a piece of software.   It’s truly a landmark because it now opens a much wider possibility to the usage of the FIP gauges in the future. Continue reading

377: A2A C172R & C182T NAV Gauges Released

Just completed the testing of the FIP navigation gauges for the A2A Simulations’ C172R and C182T.

Anyone interested in this A2A Cessna Gauge Set could click here or the image above for more information.

Current users of my C172SP gauges could contact me directly and inform me their requirements, either in bundle or individually, for discounts.

Will start working on the engine instrument for both aircrafts in earliest possible.   It may take a month or two before they are ready, however.

Again, SPAD.neXt is required to run these gauges properly.



376: A2A C172R & C182T Gauges Released

The summer break is over even though the heat is still lingering.   Actually, since early August, I’ve started working on the FIP Gauges for the A2A Simulations’ C172R and C182T, which have been frequently requested for quite some time.

And finally, here it is the first batch containing the seven main gauges:

Although these gauges look similar to the C172SP ones, they were virtually reworked from scratch for finer details to better match the design on the C172R and C182T.

Coding of them, Continue reading

375: Windows 10 Anniversary Updated

My system just updated to the latest 1607 version (aka Anniversary Update).   As mentioned in my Post 348, I firstly unplugged the Optical Drive and all USB devices before the update.  The process went smoothly and took about 30 minutes to complete. Win10_1607

Had a flight for another half hour and found no problem in either software and hardware.  Can’t say my system now runs better with the update but the opening of some programs do get faster.   Surely, some follow-up tunings are required for personal taste.   But overall, I am quite happy with it.


374: GaugeSwitcher 7a Update

The GaugeSwitcher utility, which allows the quickly switching among different gauge setups without quitting the simulator, has been updated to version 7a.

One of the major enhancements to the version is: the pressing of [Esc] key before profile switching in previous versions is no longer required.

As the video shown above, users just need to:

  • Call up the GaugeSwitcher during a flight session
  • Select the Gauge Profile to switch
  • Press [Confirm], the selected gauges will be activated immediately.

Other new features and changes coming with the new version are: Continue reading