News: Prepar3D v3.3 is Here

Similar to the last two cases in which I needed to have my system fully reinstalled many months ago, Lockheed Martin released another update of its Prepar3D after I have everything restored.   The Prepar3D v3.3 is here, just in case you are not aware of it.

Don’t tell me there’s a psychic connection between my system crash to the launch of its update.  ;)

340: My P3Dv3.2 Settings

Since somebody asks and it’s for my own personal record as well, followings are the settings of my Prepar3D settings for version 3.2 system.

Anyone interested to see the details of my Prepar3D.cfg could click on the Realism Image at the bottom.   All changes I made are highlighted in red.   And manually changed items are further bolded.
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339: P3Dv3.2 First Impression

Installed the new Prepar3D version 3.2 last night and played with it for a few hours under the same settings (including third-party addons and peripheral hardware) as in the last version.   P3Dv32_01

Surely it’s impossible to “experience” all the new features that come with the new version in such a short time, but two features that mentioned in the version’s release announcement could be confirmed right away. Continue reading

News: Prepar3D Version 3.2 Available Now

Lockheed Martin just released the latest version 3.2 of Prepar3D.

The company says that the new update brings several new features and numerous platform, rendering, SimDirector, SDK, SimConnect, and multiplayer updates – including increased performance for multiple views and touch gesture support.

Sounds exciting!   Go get your download if you haven’t done so.

I normally create an image copy before major update like this just to play safe.   You’re recommended to do the same.

Also, Michael’s comment Continue reading

326: Prepar3D v3.1 – A MUST Update

Perhaps some of you already aware that Preap3D v3.1 is out.   If you are still hesitating whether or not to update, just in fear of any unexpected issues, especially the Xmas is coming, I would say “Yes” — Definitely — even just for the enhanced lighting effect.    Click images below to see the full pictures.


They are gorgeous, aren’t they?  Continue reading

324: Make Your Aircraft Invisible

It’s still true that I mainly flightsim in one of the following cockpit views reported in my Post 181.

1. Landing/Takeoff — showing the hood from the pilot seat on the left
2. Cruising — showing outside scenery only
3. Normal Cockpit — used only when FIPs are turned off

To implement the Cruising View, in particular, I used to disable the 2D-Cockpit in the camera.cfg first, and then create a specific CameraDefinition for it.    Recently, I found Prepar3D has a hidden feature which makes this customization process totally unnecessary as shown in the video below:

Two steps only are required: Continue reading

316: A Quick Word on P3Dv3

Is Prepar3D version 3 better ?

Definitely.   I find improvements a little bit here, a little bit there.   Overall about 10% better than the last version 2.5 in general I would say.

Justified to pay in full again ?

Definitely NOT.   I accept an upgrade fee but definitely not willing to pay in full again.

Sadly, we don’t have a choice if we want to stick with Prepar3D.   We will do it sooner or later eventually.

Finally, be prepared to pay again after another 24 months or so.   What a company !

315: A Temp Solution to Fly P3Dv3 with Existing Addons

The new Prepar3D Version 3 (P3Dv3) takes the same approach P3Dv3_00as its predecessors to include the version number in its system registry (from Prepar3D to Prepar3D v2 to Prepar3D v3).   Making many addons have to rebuild a new installer in order to recognize the change, even when the new P3Dv3 is installed onto the same drive and same program directory as the previous version.

For those who wouldn’t want to wait for the release of new compatible installers, here’s a quick temporary solution to run the new P3Dv3 with existing addons from earlier versions.

I am using Orbx’s addon as an example.   And the region used in P3Dv2 is set to FTX Global Hybrid.

My Prepar3D version 2 is installed on P:\Prepar3D, and version 3 on P:\Prepar3Dv3.
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