361: GaugeSwitcher Update

During my recent system recovery, many trivial issues found on my computer before the crash are also fixed.  That’s a good thing.  But unfortunately, there are new little issues coming up that didn’t exist before.

For example, I used to leave my Switch Panel, Radio Panel and Multi-Panel with power-on all the time, so that whenever I start the simulator, they could be put in operation immediately.   But now, I have to load the simulator first and then plug in the USB hub on which the Panels are connected.  Otherwise, the display on the Multi-Panel won’t turn on.  Fix is yet to come.

Another issue is also Saitek related. Continue reading

360: Skipping Orbx Online Verification

Besides backing up my system images, I also make individual copies of important files on my computer regularly.   Orbx addon registry is certainly one of them.

During installation, Orbx addons firstly performs an online-store verification and then creates a corresponding entry containing the serial of the product in the registry.   With this information in place, the verification process is no longer needed, no matter how many times the product is again reinstalled onto the same computer.

This principle similarly helps in my recent system break-down incidence.   Continue reading

359: The Cause of My PC’s Death

Although there are still some fine-tunings to do, my computer is in general up and running again after a few days’ reinstallation and updating.

Over the rehabilitation process, I had a chance to tidy up my system a bit and get rid of many useless stuffs from my SSDs.   I guess it is one of the good things I get from the broken computer.

Like many others, I have Multicore Next and P3D Fiber Accelerator from FSPS (Flight Simulator Platform Solutions), which I occasionally use for testings and other purposes.  During a recent search for Continue reading

News: System Down Notice

After my car was hit a few weeks ago.   My printer broke down last week.   Today, my computer has crashed unrecoverably as well.   I have to reinstall everything.  I guess it will take a couple of days to a week at least to revert everything back to normal.  During this period, my response will be slow.

Misfortunes never come singly.   Even though I am trying to look at all these unhappy things from the bright side, I still can’t help yelling “Damn! Damn! Damn!”

358: A New Blog worth Following

I’ve been (still am) focusing a lot on developing new gauges for FIPs in the past 12 months, which inevitably reduces my already limited time on exploring new fun to add to flight simulation.   A friend, probably he doesn’t want to be named here, has created a pretty nice blog — On The Glideslope — that in a way supplements what I’ve missed.

He says, “You can learn an awful lot from the people who have come before you.”    Actually, it’s also true to learn from others who come after you as well.   We, individually, are too small to cover all aspects in the flightsim world.


357: Get Rid of the GeForce Experience

Updating driver regularly is a good practice, especially when it comes to video cards.  However, doing so may risk us to install unwanted features that come with the driver as well.  One of these is the Nvidia GeForce Experience.

GeForce Experience is Nvidia’s proprietary software in which separate applications, including Game Optimization, GameStream, ShadowPlay, Battery Boost and LED Visualizer are included.  They are designed to automatically adjust the configuration of the GeForce graphics card based on the games we play.

It sounds good, doesn’t it?

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356: My Cockpit Got Aligned

I have a spare FIP sitting around for quite some times, which is only used occasionally for various testings via my network computer.   Yesterday, I decided to throw in the underused FIP to the system to see how it effects.
Actually, the main reason for me not including the spare FIP to my system in the past was because the “6 FIPs + 1 Radio Panel across the top roll” and “1 Switch Panel + 3 FIPs + 1 Multi Panel” on the bottom constituted a pretty symmetric appearance in my 2-stack instrument setup already.   And I’ve been using this setup for a very long time. Continue reading

355: GTX 1080 is Coming

Nvidia’s GeForce GTX 1080 is rumored to be publicly released by the 27th of this GTX1080month.   Some technical websites preview it “twice as fast as a Titan X” but only priced around 60% of its predecessor.   The company even calls the card “Gaming Perfected”.

Surely it’s just another marketing buzz word.  But still, I can’t help looking forward to seeing what new level this next generation card is going to bring to the various flight simulation platforms nowadays, no matter it is FSX, FSX Steam, P3D or X-Plane.   Sadly, it’s not likely that I will replace my Titan X for it, at least not in the coming year.