659: SkyElite for MSFS Review

This morning, I accidentally came across this less than a month old SkyElite for MSFS by 4FlightSims while searching on the Internet.   It immediately captured my eyesight with its glass-cockpit-style appearance as well as its feature-rich EFIS PFD and moving map interfaces.
And in particular, unlike other similar apps that are run on the iOS system and connected back to the flight simulator in Windows via a “bridging” program, this one is Continue reading

629: My Second Impression on MSFS

Since I successfully reinstalled the new Flight Simulator (MSFS) two weeks ago, many of my unpleasant impressions about it stated in Post 611 were overturned.

I am not saying that the new MSFS has replaced P3D to be my flightsimming platform. But I have to admit that the more I fly with it, and the more I like it; especially for “sight-seeing” purposes only.

Followings are my subjective ratings on some of the key features I give to MSFS based on the requirements of my cockpit, compared to P3D and X-Plane.
I am expecting the scores to change soon as there are quite some products have been released or being developed for it.

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617: My FIP Gauges and MSFS

The update patch for MSFS is out, which claims to solve many issues in the first release.   I still haven’t tried re-installing MSFS yet due to various personal matters.   But surely will do it again very soon.

During these days, have received many emails questioning about the compatibility of my FIP gauges with MSFS.

Frankly, due to my current situation of not an MSFS user, I am really not a good person to give a proper answer.

However, some users of my gauges have reported successfully running FIP gauges in MSFS Continue reading

611: My First Impression on MSFS

Just played the new Microsoft Flight Simulator (MSFS) for about an hour after spending the whole afternoon downloading the files to my computer.  Frankly speaking, although many alpha players praised it highly on the Internet, my first impression on it is quite disappointed and even worse than my first time with X-Plane 10.

Maybe my i7 CPU is not fast enough, maybe my graphics card is not high-end enough.  The simulator severely stutters from start to end.  Even though I configured it to the lowest graphics settings, it didn’t perform satisfactorily.  All my drivers were updated to the latest.

Moreover, many of my flightsim gears, Continue reading

585: TE Washington – Think before You Buy

I originally had great expectation on Orbx’s True Earth Washington for P3D because the company’s True Earth Washington for X-Plane looks great.  But when I got the P3D version yesterday, I have to say that I am disappointed since it is inferior to its X-Plane brother, especially in the two aspects below.

In its description, it says it offers 66,574 square miles of hand-corrected, crisp aerial imagery.   However, crisp or not depends on how high you fly.

click to see larger image

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577: What I Dislike in HoneyComb Alpha Yoke Part 3

…continued from Part 2

FIP Adaptation

If my memory is correct, there were mentionings in Honeycomb’s earliest news that the designer(s) of the Alpha yoke had Saitek backgrounds.  Probably he is (or they are).  Because not only the yoke has a shadow of Saitek counterparts but it also comes with a bracket mount to accommodate various Saitek or Logitech Pro Flight Panels.  This is not found on other brands.

No matter where the designer is from, as an owner of many Saitek/Logitech flightsim gears, the “adaptability” is a sure winner.  However, I wish the adaptation could be done with more thoughts. Continue reading

576: What I Dislike in HoneyComb Alpha Yoke Part 2

…continued from Part 1

Switches on the Body

I must say that integrating battery, avionics, lights and magneto switches to the yoke is a brilliant user-friendly features.   However, I am a little disappointed because the switches on it are only basics and are not as feature-rich as those on my VRInsight Flight Master Yoke II.

Moreover, the magneto switches on the Alpha yoke are moved to the right, which is a bit odd to my eyes. Continue reading

575: What I Dislike in HoneyComb Alpha Yoke Part 1

The HoneyComb Alpha Yoke, I believe, is one of the hottest flightsim gears these days.  I got mine in February and it is the sixth yoke I got — from the very first Saitek Yoke (2007), to the CH Eclipse Yoke (2011), Saitek Cessna Yoke (2012), VRInsight Flight Master Yoke II (2014), and the last VirtualFly Yoko Yoke (2018).  It’s no surprise that none of them is perfect, but surely each one has something good to praise.

You may have seen other reviews about the good and bad of the HoneyComb Alpha Yoke.  By no means to lower the product, followings are just the things I dislike from a user’s standpoint — both objectively and subjectively. Continue reading

573: A Quick Update on P3Dv5

I flew the P3Dv5 continuously for nearly three hours this afternoon.  Besides the landclass issues that I mentioned in my Post 568 earlier, I didn’t encounter any other issues reported in P3D forum during the session (perhaps some but not noticeable to me) luckily.

Of course the ATC service was kept silence all the time except during take-off and landing.  This is a known bug so far causing freezes or CTDs.  Other than that, I really feel the new simulator runs smoother.

Be the way, I have clean installed the latest Nvidia drivers again and Continue reading