My graphics setting in MSFS has been changed accordingly to the recent SU7 and Game of the Year (GOTY) update.  Improvements are seen in general.GOTY_resize
Regarding the highly anticipated DX12, although the overall image quality with the new feature is enhanced and refined, and framerate seems affected very little only; unfortunately, it does brings frequent micro-stutters in many locations.  So DX11 is kept to be my choice. Continue reading

750: Ground Speed Display Fix

After the recent MSFS update, the Ground Speed Display on my MSFS FIP gauges no longer works. There are 3 types of instrument affected:

ASI Extended Versions of ALL aircraft
– Generic G5 HSI
– Generic G5 PFD

To fix the issue, one simply needs to change a command from
(A:GPS GROUND SPEED, knots) to (A:GPS GROUND SPEED) in the affected gauges.

Here’s how to do it: Continue reading

749: CubeSim TPR Damper Kit REVIEW

I’ve been a bit lazy doing anything these days except playing MSFS occasionally.  Yesterday, I got some excitments — the damper kit for my Thrustmaster TPR Rudders finally arrived after nearly a month’s misplaced shipment.
The $65 damper kit from Cubesim in China includes one (1) damper stabilizer unit and four (4) 3D-printed clamping parts, along with necessary bolts & nuts to attach the unit to the TPR rudders.  The kit is non-destructive to the rudders.  The way how it implements is different from other similar products I’ve seen on the web. Continue reading