421: Cockpit, cockpit

A few days ago I received an email from Michael Basler who told me that he was scratching his head about the placement of the Generic PFD because, “You know, I have that X-Top panel with the sixpack where it belongs plus three additional FIPS at the right hand side…I just can’t map this onto my fixed X-Top panel.

Just in case there are others who have similar bewilderment, here’s my suggestion to him that Continue reading

418: Dual-Cue PFD Preview

Here’s the screen-shot of the PFD with dual-cue flight director I am working on.   It looks and fits better on larger airplanes.

Very likely it will be sold separately or be a paid addon to the existing single-cue version.

No worry, it will be free to all who purchase the PFD before the launch of this variation.   Should be ready by next weekend.

415: Primary Flight Display Released

The generic Garmin G5 style PFD has been completed.   As mentioned earlier, this is by far the most complicated gauges I made for the FIP, particularly in terms of layout implementations.

For example, just the vertical speed indicator alone (on the edge of the right hand side) took me nearly a week to get to a satisfied result, which allows it to adapt to various vertical speed requirements up to +/- 9,900 feet.

Color matching is also a very time-consuming task because the bitmaps shown on the FIP Continue reading

414: New Guide, New Installer, New Gauges

Finally, I’ve completed the installation guide for my FIP gauges.   Even though the installation process is straightforward, which involves just a few mouse clicks in general, the new guide, with illustrations, should give users a clearer idea how the process goes.

In addition, the installer coming with my gauges has also been updated.  Now it can not only install my gauges for systems using Saitek driver as it always does, but it can also help organize my gauges on systems using SPAD.neXt in a proper manner. Continue reading

408: Mooney Bravo Gauges Released

Over the last 10 months, I’ve put more time on making gauges for FIPs than flying in the virtual world, as I am excited to see them evolving from some original basic attempts into current skillful works.   A rather unexpected alternative satisfaction I never thought would have gained from flight simulation.

mooneybravo_eng1_gifsThe latest project I just finished is the Mooney Bravo, which consists of two integrated Engine gauges plus the ASI, HSI and TCR.   Some new techniques have been used in this gauge set, such as a selectable DME 1 & 2 display, and the stepping-style elevator, rudder and wing flaps indicators. Continue reading

404: A2A PA28 Engine Gauges Released

Didn’t expect to complete this Integrated Engine Gauges for the A2A PA28 so soon myself since I was saying that I had been stuck by the layout for it in the last post.   I just had it figured out in a dream a few days ago.   No kidding.

a2a_pa28_eng_gif-smallWith this Engine Gauges, all instrument on the A2A PA28 are almost covered.   Surely there will be new features, such as the Trim wheels & Flaps Indicators and stall indicator, to be added to the gauge set in future updates as in other gauges.

In addition, my button and knob setup in SPAD.neXt for this Integrated Gauges (such as the EGT reference needle) will be provided as references to users, too.

Anyone interested in this Engine gauges could click on the image above for more information.   And if you are already users of my the A2A PA28 bundles, feel free to contact me for discount via email directly.