693: Gauges for PA28R Turbo III/IV Scheduled

Just flew about an hour with Just Flight’s newly released PA28R Turbo Arrow III/IV with my Arrow III gauges.

Besides the ASI, RPM and MFP, all remaining gauges in the current Arrow III series are good for the two new brothers as well.

That’s good.  I will schedule to work on those three gauges for the two aircraft.   And for those who already owned the Arrow III gauges, there will be discounts when the three gauges are ready.

692: USB 2.0 is no longer preferred

In the old days with FSX/P3D, USB 2.0 was my preferred choice (see Post 582) when connecting Saitek/Logitech Flight Instrument Panels (FIPs) to the simulators.

Since I replaced my older computer for MSFS in last November, I’ve been deliberately avoiding to use any more USB 2.0 ports and hubs.  Now all my 12 FIPs are connected to the system via a powered USB 3.0 hub.USB3_FIP_resize
In the past 6 months, Continue reading

691: G1000 on FIP now MSFS Compatible

Regarding Simgeneering’s G1000 MFD implemented for Logitech’s Flight Instrument Panel MFD (FIP) reported in Post 677, do you like me feeling a little disappointed since it is for FSX only?

No more, John, the developer, informed me that he has created a new version of the MFD that is compatible with MSFS now.

Besides needing more memory, system requirements are generally the same as the previous version.  That’s great.

You can check out more information about the MSFS version on John’s Simgeneering here.

Do note that this G1000 MFD requires Continue reading

690: Zline Savage Cub Gauges Released

Unlike FSX and P3D, MSFS chooses the Zlin Savage Cub, instead of the Piper Cub, as one of its default aircraft. Nevertheless, they are both fun to fly with.

And here’s the Bundle Gauges developed accordingly, including the Airspeed Indicator, Tachometer, Engine Cluster (Oil Press, Oil Temp, Cylinder Head Temperature), and Wet Compass with Inclinometer. Together with the Multi-shared ALT and VSI, they generally covers all essential gauges for the Cub.MSFS_SavageCub_Gauges
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689: Adding Funs with DEMs

Just in case you are not aware. There are some high-resolution DEMs, Digital Elevation Models, you can download from Flightsim.to, which can largely improve the rendering of terrains in their respective regions.

Not sure if you want it?  Here are two sets of photos comparing the terrain appearance of LSGR Reichenback Airport, which I randomly picked, in Switzerland with and without using the 20m DEM from Troglodytus.

In photo set 1, with DEM, the taxiway and runway intersection now has a gradient; the roads and other objects on the hill sides seem more rational; and the edges and shapes of the mountains in the background are more prominent as well. Continue reading

688: The Hong Kong City Times is Pretty Good

In my last post “Make Hong Kong More Lively”, John M. Helms in the Comment section asked if it is true that the roads in the Hong Kong City Times payware look like dirt roads.  I replied yes, in many areas.

After that, I sent a note to the developer asking the same question.  The developer replied: “Yes it is due to the satellite image being used from the default MSFS, they are yellowish, they are from the outdated Bing map. But our scenery includes some part of custom satellite image already, such as the central and west kowloon, more will be added in the next update.”

I guess many friends might be wondering what exactly the answer meant in his reply. So I captured a few pictures for those who are interested. Continue reading

687: Make Hong Kong more Lively

If you own the Hong Kong City Times from SamScene3D, note that it has just updated to version 1.3.1, in which many animated billboards plus various visual improvements are added.

To make it more lively, do supplement it with the Port of Hong Kong by superspud.  The freeware blends with the Hong Kong City Times nicely and fills the Kwai Tsing Container Terminals, the eighth busiest container port in the world, with many many many Continue reading

686: More Just Flight PA28R Gauges Released

Except the Engine Cluster, seven (7) more gauges for the Just Flight PA28R Arrow III were just released, including the ADF, ALT, ATT, HSI, TCR and the 2 VORs.
And what’s more, from the previews of the company’s coming PA-28R Turbo Arrow III/IV and PA28-161 Warrior II, many of the gauges are very likely to be compatible with them as well.

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