269: Enhanced Fuel Gauges

This is the enhanced version of the existing Integrated Fuel Gauges based on my project revealed in Post 216: Squeezing In.   In addition to the Fuel Selection Lever and other fuel related options added to it, codes have been optimized as well.


Note that this enhanced version is not a must-have replacement if you are happy with my existing gauges already.  It is because Continue reading

266: Run Through Checklist Interactively

Perhaps many of you knew about it already, Vocie-activated Checklist allows running through checklists via voice command.  This interesting stuff I only found recently on a Youtube video by Paul Endersby, who is the author of the utility.

Latest version is v0.5 and it comes by default with the A2A C172 Trainer Checklist.  Continue reading

265: FIP Customizer Update

FIP Customizer version 1.02 has just been uploaded.  Details are in the file’s Changelog.

Alexey added his work was done through patching the DLL file that is part of the device’s DirectOuput service.

Also, maximum custom message size is 11 characters in the x64 bit version and 9 characters in the x86 version.  For font names, similar limitations to allow 7 and 5 characters respectively due to the amount of space available in the DLL file.


264: Complete Removal of the FIP Serial Page

On and off I received queries about the possibility of removing the serial page on the Flight Instrument Panel (FIP).  The concern was not just purely an aesthetic preference FIPC01because the LCD of the FIP could easily get burnt if any image is left on for a long period of time (See my Post 144).  This is in particularly true to users who seldom switched off FIPs in their cockpits. Unfortunately, there is no easy solution since the page is hard-wired to the driver of the device by the manufacturer. In response to these concerns, Continue reading

263: Nvidia 344.65 – A Positive One

Graphics driver is one of the components I habitually pay extra attention to since NEW doesn’t necessarily mean GOOD at the same time in this sector in particular.  After upgrading to P3Dv2.4, I’ve been using the 344.11 driver as it offers a noticeable improvement over older and even newer versions under the P3D platform.

Today, I just have it replaced by the newest 344.65 after testing the new driver for a few days.  Nvidia-344.65Frankly, I might not see measurable improvement accordingly, but overall smoothness enhancement is observable.

There are people reporting that the new driver resolved the SLI compatibility issue.   Unfortunately, it is not the case in my setup.

BTW, during the earlier installation of the P3Dv2.4, I found most induced stutters turning out to be caused by the many additional Orbx addons rather than by the simulator itself.

Sadly, the world isn’t perfect.  Neither does the virtual world.


262: A Hardware Fix to GPS Dragging

After the two DVI ports and Display port on my graphics card had each been taken by a monitor, my newly added VRinsight GPS-5 was naturally connected to the remaining HDMI port on my GTX 780 via a VGA-HDMI converter in the first place.GPS5-Card-03

Surprisingly, while my FSX system continues to run smoothly, my P3Dv2 responds with serious stutters as framerates dropped momentarily under the same setup with the external GPS attached.  Feedbacks to such framerate dropping issues in the last post reveal that the phenomenon is common regardless of platform and monitor setup.

Based on the presumption Continue reading