349: Duke B60 Engine Gauges Released

Despite little interest received, I just created the engine set for the RealAir Duke B60, which RASDuke_ENG_Htotals five gauges, including the Manifold Pressure Indicator, Tachometer, Fuel Flow Indicator and two Integrated Oil Pressure, Oil Temperature & CHT Temperature Indicators, so as to complete the aircraft’s cockpit development.

Since I don’t have 14 FIPs either, Continue reading

348: My Fix for Windows 10 Upgrade

In the past ten months, I had failed to upgrade my older computer to Windows 10 numerous times.   Various google-searched solutions were tried but futile in the end.  The upgrade process always stopped at 20- or 70-somethings and reverted Windows10back to the original OS.  It was quite frustrating.

Last weekend, I was finally successful to upgrade the computer to Windows 10.  The optical drive was the key!   Continue reading

347: Shade for P3D ?

From time to time I receive questions from simmers asking if my ShadeShifter utility is compatible with P3D, while they are requesting for the download link.

The answer is “No” because “Shade for FSX” by Mogwaisoft is written specifically for FSX as its name indicates.   And since my ShadeShifter utility was built upon it, it therefore doesn’t apply to the P3D platform indeed.

However, as my Post 107 mentioned, “Shade for FSX” is basically a utility that modifies the sky texture in FSX to achieve a different look and feel.    And since P3D is in general an upgraded version of FSX, we could therefore copy and paste the “sky textures” modified by “Shade for FSX” into P3D.    That will achieve the same result, although this approach lacks the user-friendly interface the utility originally provides.


Perhaps some of you have been doing it already.   For others who have both FSX and P3D and the “Shade for FSX” utility and don’t know how to do it, here’s the instruction: Continue reading

346: For B60 Users’ Eyes Only

There are a few inquiries asking if I will do the engine gauges for the RealAir Duke B60, in particular.

“How many simmers would have 14 FIPs to accommodate the full B60 set in their system?” is really a question.   Therefore, the priority of them is very low on my project development list.

Anyway, here’s the artwork of the engine gauges for those who are interested.   They may (most likely, should) come one day.B60_Engine
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345: Saitek Panels Can be Networked, Too

Stefano Cancelli in Canada recently reported to me that the Saitek Pro Flight Radio Panel, Multi Panel and Switch Panel actually can be run on a networked computer, exactly like what the Flight Instrument Panel (FIP) does.


“I discovered it quite by accident.”

Stef said he was not aware that the panels were still connected to his network computer after reverting SPAD.neXt to Saitek drivers due to some issues.  When he started a flight, he then realized that the networked panels were all working perfectly controlling radios, auto pilot, switches, and everything on the main fsx computer.

“This was a big surprise to me since I do not believe it is ever mentioned in Saitek’s documentation,” he said.

Stef came to me and ask me if I could help confirm his finding. Continue reading