204: FTX Global Second Impression

FTX Global doesn’t like other scenery addons (such as the company’s AU, NZ, EU and NA products) which in general overlay specially created sceneries and textures on top of the default FSX layer to render the ultimate image.  It simply replaces FSX default textures in the World\Scenery\Texture folder with its own creations.

FTX Global simply replaces FSX default textures with its own creations

This approach is somewhat similar to what REXessential from REX Game Studio or the Ground Environment products from Flight 1 does to FSX — the former replaces FSX’s default clouds and atmospherics items, and the latter replaces FSX’s default ground textures, meshes and some core files with their own modifications.

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203: FTX Global First Impression

Even though I don’t quite appreciate Orbx’s approach on developing addons for FSX, the company’s product, however, are no doubt much better than the default FSX and well gain a seat among other quality developers.   With the release of its FTX Global, I (same to most flightsimmers) am expecting all ugly default scenery to be gone for good — in theory.

Unfortunately, my first impression on it is: not yet and not quite, in my opinion. (Edit: see update in Post 204) Continue reading

202: References for Gauge Creation

Many friends ask me where I find information about gauge building.
T210 Gauges RowS1
It’s a typical but a true answer – from the Internet.
Following is a good piece of background reading I often make reference to:

Creating XML Gauges

Truly they are not directly dealing with gauges for Saitek’s FIPs, but the basics and theories are more or less the same.


News: The Big Budget Blockbuster Trilogy

About a month ago, I reported that Vertical Studios had released the last day of its Colorado Camping Weekend mission pack, which I had been longing for.  I was so excited and purchased it immediately. But frankly, I really haven’t had much time flying around the areas.
BigBudgetNow, the company has released the first part of their third mission pack — the Big Budget Blockbuster.   A friend, Colin Moir, who wrote to me saying that the new mission is fantastic.

Even though I normally won’t write anything that I haven’t experienced it myself, there is no reason why I shouldn’t recommend this new one based on the good quality, and particularly the continuously affordable prices, from its predecessors.

Oh my dear,  is having “no time” a sin?

News: OZx AU 3.4 Released

To many simmers, OZx is a no stranger as it offers hundreds of good quality sceneries and airports for the Australia and North America areas.

Just found that its long waited version 3.4 was released nearly a month ago.  The site says that over a dozen new airstrips and points of interest are added to the new version.

This is certain an addon all flightsimmers shouldn’t be missed.  Here’s the link: OZx 3.4

201: Cessna Citation AirSpeed Update

Citation_AirSpeed_BackgroundWThis is a quick update to the Cessna Citation AirSpeed Gauge developed three months ago in April.  Digital display and needle of True AirSpeed are now added.

I am revising other existing gauges for additional features, like this True AirSpeed and Temperature, etc.   I am expecting to have them ready for download in a couple of months.

As always, non-FSX Times subscribers’ requests will be ignored.

200: FSDiscover FTX UK POIs

Nearly two years ago, I wrote my post #100 which talked about customized FSDiscover data for Orbx’s NA region. So in this post #200, I will also talk about my newly compiled FSDiscover data for Orbx’s UK areas.

Following the same principle, I categorized Orbx’s original Points of Interest (POIs) for England, Wales and Scotland into two FSDiscover data files so that they could be easily assigned with different colors for easy identification.

FTX EU_UK-Lighthouses-Oil Rigs-Wind Farms.dat
FTX EU_UK-Misc POI.dat

Moreover, many of the locations (especially lighthouses) have been eye-ball checked and updated to ensure accuracy. And for this special occasion, I will open the download link for seven days until Jul-10.


After it, the link will be obsolete and only be available to FSX Times Subscribers requesting for it.

Since somebody asks, here are the links for AU and NA POIs as well. Updates for NA should be coming soon.



199: Maps – FTX Scotland

With the recent purchase of Orbx’s Scotland region, the followings are updated download links for my modified UK Google Earth map.

Airports: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/25018674/Google%20Earth%20Shared/EU%20-%20UK%20Airports%20FTX.kmzMap-ScotlandS

POIs: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/25018674/Google%20Earth%20Shared/EU%20-%20UK%20POIs%20FTX.kmz

Anyone who wants to compare Orbx’s airports and POIs with Playhorizon’s and UK2000’s addons in the same area could look at my earlier Post 184 here.

As always, it is recommended to just COPY the URLs and add them via Network Link in Google Earth so that updates can be immediately called up when available.