103: fsx.CFG – SmallPartRejectRadius

Small objects with 1 pixel in size far in distance are normally hidden by FSX, until the aircraft is approaching close enough.   By expanding small objects with larger pixels to this hidden group could bring noticeable performance improvement.

SmallPartRejectRadius allows the specifying of pixel size of small objects to be included to the list.

This function does not appear in fsx.CFG by default.   To use the function, add the following line under the [SCENERY] section.


The default value of “n” is 1 pixel.   Recommended choices are 2, 3 and 4.    A high value may cause unnaturally large amount of popping up of these small objects.

Some people report that this tweak doesn’t work after SP1.    Try a larger value to see if it works in your system.

The value I am currently using is 2.

4 thoughts on “103: fsx.CFG – SmallPartRejectRadius

  1. Hi Tom,
    I’ve tried the ” SmallPartRejectRadius=n ” modifications a while ago. With n=2, I had some slight improvements in frame rate. I tried n=3 too. About a month ago I was flighing a some default sling-training missions with the EH-110 I had flown before. To my surprise none of the objects I was supposed to see in these mission where visible. Even big objetcs like a truck or a Hummer where missing.
    I setteled back ” SmallPartRejectRadius=n ” to the default n=1 and all the missions objects where back.
    Regards from LSGS area,


    1. I didn’t try that so I have no idea about it.
      Note that tweaks may bring some improvements in one side but side-effect on the other. I am not surprised.
      Thanks for the note, anyway.


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