News: P3D v5.1 Released

Lockheed Martin has finally released P3D v5.1.   Seems like not too many people are aware of it (based on the number of respondents in its support forum) while most people are keeping their eyes on MSFS — me the same.

Anyway, hope this update solves or at least improves the many issues reported after its launch.  There are still many features MSFS can’t or doesn’t do properly today.

635: MSFS Gauge Table

One of the nice designs of MSFS is many of its cockpit instruments can be used across different aircrafts (despite practicability in real life), which in a way simplifies the construction of DIY cockpit using my MSFS Multi-shared FIP gauges.

Following is the table showing key instruments on the default propellers and turboprops in MSFS implemented and to be implemented.
MSFS_Gauge_ChartVia the table, one can check out the usage of each instrument on different aircraft according to the reference number or alphabet assigned to them, and further find out what gauges are included or not included from the cockpit layouts captured below.

Update 1: The number and alphabet indications are added to the corresponding gauges in respective cockpit images for clearer references.

MSFS Cockipts #1 – Propellers Continue reading

634: MSFS Gauges Batch #2-3 Delivered

Have burnt some mid-night oil in the last few days to finish the remaining gauges (except the Engine Gauges) for the MSFS C152, C172 and DR400 bundles as soon as possible.

Glad that the last few Navigation gauges have done and sent out earlier today. 
Will take some breaks before moving on to the Engine gauges as well as some documentations plus the MSFS specific GaugeSwitcher.

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633: MSFS-Specific Gauges Batch #1 Delivered

The first seven gauges for MSFS C172 have been delivered, including the ASI, HDG and multi-shared ATT, ALT, VSI, TCR and RPM.

Besides customizations, there are new assisting features added to the extended version of the gauges as follows:

  • Pop-up Style Ground Speed (GS) indicator on ASI while the aircraft is on the ground — good for controlling taxi speed
  • Pop-up Style Parking Brake, Overspeed and Stall Warning on ASI
  • Pop-up Style Above Ground Level (AGL) indicator on ALT while the aircraft is below 500 feet above ground
  • Pop-up Style vertical speed indication on VSI while the aircraft passes the 2,000 feet vertical speed limit

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631: Get MSFS from Steam Instead

In the past weekend, Lukas, a friend who was experiencing similar MSFS installation issue I had had two months ago asked me how I had the issue solved in the end.  I told him I really had no idea since I didn’t do anything but just waited for about a month to get the app with the update patch again.  The issue was solved by itself, probably due to the new updates, or something else.

He replied he wouldn’t want to wait and asked if there were any suggestions.

Hm…after some thoughts…I recalled Michael Basler in Germany once recommended me to get the simulator via Steam instead of the Microsoft Shop.  So I passed the suggestion to Lukas. Continue reading

Cockpit: Nicolás Luengo (SCTL, Chile)

Nicolás Luengo says hello from Chile.  He is running MSFS with his triple monitors via Nvidia’s Surround support.

Builder: Nicolás Luengo
Location: Talca, Chile
ICAO: SCTL, Talca Airport

Asobo C172: VFR from SCQP (La Araucanía International Airport or Temuco Airport) to andes mountains (Tolhuaca and Lonquimay volcanoes in the view.) Continue reading