News: Windows 10 Free Upgrade Coming Soon

Microsoft just held another major preview of the coming Windows 10 earlier today.   The company claims it another giant step after Windows 7 — well, obviously too premature to say that.   Anyway, there will be free upgrades to existing Windows users.   I am not sure if you will be one of the guinea pigs to try running FSX or P3D on it.   I am very likely to be one of them as I always wonder why we flightsimmers are struggling to tame a decades’ old product while nowadays technologies fly.
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279: Heading Gyro Update

C172_HDCMP_WMThe newly released Heading Indicator with Compass & RPM has just been updated to include a digital display for Wind Magnitude.   The extra feature is so added to show the full picture of wind movement as some of the current users who quoted to request.

Notification and update patch has been sent to all existing users.   Next possible feature for the gauge might be the Visibility but not sure yet.

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278: Heading Gyro with Compass & RPM

This Heading Indicator is the fifth gauge in my Integrated Series for the Cessna 172.    Next to the Heading Gyro is a small but clear enough Magnetic Compass, which is so layouted to provide a quick reference when performing gyro calibration.


The RPM indicator, although in compact size as well, is placed in a location closing to the real cockpit layout in full-size.   A digital RPM representation is also added for more precise control needs.

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277: Interested in DIYing your Rudder Pedals?

Van Vangyver of Computer Simulator Builder and Swedish Home Cockpit Builders groups just sent me information of his newly designed Rudder Pedals, aiming not only to share his concept among flightsimmers but also encourage people to reuse his work or to build upon theirs from his design with even further creative ideas. image003

“Remember when your flight instructor told you to keep your heels on the floor for take offs and heels off the floor for taxing?” commented Van.  “This keeps you from inadvertently hitting the brakes during the take off roll.”  

“Not only were these pedals designed keeping that in mind but also the realistic movement of the pedal travel and feel.”

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276: Metallic Touches to C172 Gauges

Following the update of the Enhanced Fuel Gauges a couple of weeks ago, the remaining paid gauges — Altimeter with VORs, Attitude Indicator with Annunciator Panel, and Vertical Indicator with ADF — have all been updated to include the blackish metallic background as well.   Current users should have found the Download links for the new gauges in their mailboxes already.


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