FSX Times Just passed 500,000 Views

I am so glad that views of FSX Times has just passed the 500,000 landmark earlier today.    This blog took 16 months to grow from zero to 100,000 views in December 2011.    Over the last 15 months, views has accumulated 4 times more in similar timeframe.

Regretfully, there are many ideas I originally planned for this blog couldn’t be realized due to my tying up with another personal project.   Even worse, the situation will continue to be so for another year, at least.
Anyway, thanks to you all who supported FSX Times.   It is no promise but I’ll do my best to write more posts when I can.

189: Maps – FTX NA SAK Included

My Google Map for Orbx NA Airports and Landmarks have been updated with the inclusion of the new Southern Alaska Areas (SAK).

Those who are currently using my Google Earth Network Links should find their maps updated already.   Any others who are interested to try my maps could see my Post 70 and Post 74 for the Landmarks Map and Airports Map respectively.


New Gauge Collection Page

Just created a new section called Gauge Collection for FIPs under Hardware on the Menu.  This is the place where I put all the gauges I made so far and where I will make in the future (possibly including gauges in progress.)

Although all gauges are marked for specific aircrafts, some of them are generally good for other aircrafts as well as long as you don’t mind they look a little different from the cockpit you are seating.

Should you have multiple FIPs, I believe you could easily compile a set of gauges that best fits your preference.

188: Cessna 172 AirSpeed Gauge

This Cessna 172 Airspeed Gauge has been requested by many fans of FSX Times.  So it finally arrives.  Despite its simple look, it did take me quite some time to layout it properly, however.C172_AirSpeed_BackgroundW

The TAS knob on the bottom left corner, unfortunately, is still a decoration.   I haven’t figured out how to make it function yet.   Besides that, it is fully functional.

Subscribers of FSX Times who are interested in this gauge could send me a request via the COMMENTS section below as usual for the download link.

Others who aren’t subscribers yet could enter their emails and press the [Enter Your Email to Subscribe] button on the right hand column to become a subscriber first.   Otherwise, requests will be ignored.

News: Orbx’s NA Southern Alaska Released

Orbx NA South AlaskaOrbx just released its NA Blue Southern Alaska addon.   Just placed my order and downloading the file.

Despite the fact that I am not fully satisfied with some of Orbx’s addons, this one is still worth waiting for to supplement one’s NA Blue and Tongass Fjord collections.

Do note that missions from FSX or other third parties may no longer be usable.   For example, the picture below shows a destination point in a mission which has been changed from originally a dock by the lake shore to a position now on the land where the water plane can never reach.   In other words, the mission will fail.

Orbx NA South Alaska 02