229: Piper PA28 Instrument Panel

Van Vangyver, a member of the “Swedish Home Cockpit Builders” group, recently sent me some CAD files that he drew for the “Piper PA28 181 Archer II Simulator Project” run by Esko Haanpää on facebook.
PA28-PanelDimensions of the drawings are based on a real Cherokee PA28-140 and Esko’s project requirements.  The files, in .dwg, .dxf and .pdf format, can be printed on 25 standard sheets of paper with cut marks so that they could taped together for a full-scale template.

For those Piper PA28 lovers wanting to build their own cockpits, the instrument panel files are great references.

The drawings can be downloaded from the Piper PA28 Project Page here (there is a link about 1/4 of the way down the page).  But note that they are for Flight Simulation use only and are not prepared or approved by Piper Aircraft, Inc.

Thank you Van for the sharing.

6 thoughts on “229: Piper PA28 Instrument Panel

  1. Sensational guys – I too am building a simple PA28 sim here in Australia to maintain my IFR proficiency and your work is very helpful! I’m using a combination of some real parts (Johnson flap bar, parking brake), Saitek yoke, throttle and pedals, and instruments by Project Magenta and Duravia (from South Africa).




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