516: FIP Gauges for A2A Piper Cub

Since I released the Piper Cub gauges two years ago, there are emails once in a while asking me if the gauges are compatible with A2A’s Piper Cub or if there will be dedicated gauges developed for the A2A aircraft.

Well, here it comes at last.  Even though I don’t fly this fun aircraft much, I am still happy to have it completing my Piper Cub sets.

Do note that since all A2A aircraft use Local Variables (LVars), these new gauges are no exception needing SPAD.neXt to run properly on the FIPs (Flight Instrument Panels). Continue reading

515: Annunciator Panel Video Preview

Logitech (previous Saitek) has an Information Panel but I never like it as it looks odd in almost all virtual cockpits due to its huge size and footprint.

That’s one of the reasons why I developed the Integrated series of gauges for the C172SP in the first place, on which the annunciator panel fits nicely to the Attitude Indicator (ATTAN).

Since the release of the C172SP Standalone gauges many years ago, I’ve been trying to create an equivalent annunciator panel that looks as good as the one on the ATTAN.   There were dozens of idea tried over the years but none was satisfied, no matter they were rendered onto a separate FIP (Flight Instrument Panel) or incorporated into any existing standalone gauges.

Finally, here comes the most satisfied annunciator panel design that I am quite happy with at present.  Following is the video preview of it.

With the target in mind that Continue reading