598: XPL C172SP Gauge Updates

Some of the instruments on the C172SP in the latest version of XP-11 have been altered.  Adjustments to the INTFG, ATT and TCR, therefore, are updated accordingly, in which the layout of the latter two were even renewed completely.

Download Links have been sent earlier today and all current users should have received the email(s) in their mailboxes by now.   If not, notify me by email or via Comment Section below.

News: P3Dv5 Hot Fix 2 is Here

In case you are not aware, P3Dv5 Hot Fix 2 is now available.  According to LM, additional fixes for high priority issues are included in the new Client installer.  The Content, Scenery and SDK updates are optional.

IMPORTANT: Make a full backup of your current setup before updating to Hot Fix 2, just in case, because past experiences tell new updates DO NOT mean they are error-free.

Also, check with what others say about the Hot Fix 2 in the P3D Forum before you proceed.  It may saves you a lot of troubles.

The “Cockpits_Collective” section has been removed.  Previous photos in the section were transferred to their individual pages in the last few weeks with updates from some of the builders.

5/22 Update: Cockpit photos from Fernando Angel, Richard Leaton, Jean marie Humez and Doug Fields have been moved to their own pages today.  Although their published dates remain unchanged, notifications of their additions to the blog are sent since they are actually new posts in a sense.  You could directly search their names for their cockpit pages.

5/23 Update: Cockpits photos from Peter Rowney, Laurent Grossman, Randall Bliven and Dave Beckett have been moved to their own pages today.

5/24 Update: Cockpits photos from Andrew Crowhurst, Cap Steve, Brian McMullan, Sam Jay and Brian Buckley have been moved to their own pages today.

5/25 Update: Last batch of Cockpit photos from Stephan Schlitzer, Didier Misery, Jean Grabriel and Karsten Jaeger have been moved to their own pages .

News: Prepar3Dv5 Hotfix 1 is Here

Just found out Lockheed Martin has released a hotfix addressing P3Dv5’s high priority issues two days ago.   Nearly missed it while I’ve been working on the Honeycomb Alpha yoke story.

Hope the most critical issues are fixed.  Will report back once downloaded and installed.

Edit 1: Run the Hotfix version briefly and confirm that the landscape issues in KHQM and LSGS earlier reported have been fixed.

Edit 2: Run the Hotfix version for nearly two hours with active ATC. No crash seen so far. Seems the fix does the job.

News: Prepar3D Version 5 is Coming

If you are a friend of Prepar3D like me, mark on your calendar that version 5 is coming in a week’s time (14-April).  Not much about the details of it so far but here’s the video Lockheed Martin posted on Youtube.  The ground texture of the airport runway at the end of the video looks amazing.

A good news at least for many of us needed to stay@home these days.


552: Video Preview of A36 GEM

Happy New Year !

Edit: The gauge is now available in the FIP store

Have been wanting to make the Graphic Engine Monitor (GEM) of the A36 Bonanza for a long time.   Here’s a video preview of the finally created instrument running on the Logitech’s Flight Instrument Panel (FIP) next to the same instrument in the virtual cockpit on the computer monitor.

It took me quite some time to figure out how to make it right.   It is under fine-tuning and will be my first gauge to be released in 2020.  Continue reading