NEWS: Render SCaling is Broken

Informed by Nicoooo! in the Discord Server that Asobo has confirmed the “Render Scaling” in SU6 is broken.  Night Lightings will disappear when the scale is set below 100 and lights will float when the scale is greater than 100.  The error will be resolved in the coming hotfix.

Since I mostly fly in day time, I’ll keep the scale at 90 and change it to 100 when necessary.  Thanks Nicoooo!

705: Free Iceland Mesh

In case you are not aware, Orbx has just released a free Iceland Mesh which is compatible with the new World Update 5 for Nordics.
Iceland Mesh
The description says the mesh is 100% self-contained with virtually no noticeable performance impact and changes made to the default contents.

Glad to find this enhancement since the Nordics update, not sure if you agree or not, seems a bit below the standard of what the previous updates offered.

703: MSFS World Update V Now Available

I just updated to MSFS version earlier this morning.

Actually, I didn’t realize it had been updated because MSFS ran thru the update check WorldUpdateVto the Main Menu on its first run.  If there wasn’t a note about the World Update V in the MarketPlace, I would have missed it in the first place.

As usual, I cleared the Community Folder before proceeding to update. But no difference to what the simulator did in the past, the update process didn’t get thru in one shot. It stopped at 55%. I needed to quit and restart the game to finish the download. Continue reading

News: Zinertek Strikes Back

To those who haven’t decided to choose from Zinertek’s Enhanced Airport Graphics or REX’s Real Global Airport Texture, their headaches should get intensified as version 2.0 of Zinertek Airport Graphics is scheduled to come in a few days on 20 June — a strike back to REX’s airport texture release ?

The company says that there will be new and reworked textures to bring various improvements to the existing version.

Mark the date on your calendar and stay tuned.

Edit: Update to version 2.0 has been postponed to 26 June to ensure the new version won’t cause CTDs with World Update 5, according to Zinertek.

News: RealSimGear Refurbished Sale

RealsimGear currently is offering discounts on a limited quantity of refurbished components, which are in perfect working condition.   They come with a 12-month warranty and full customer support.

If you are longing for one, this is a good time.

BTW, the GMA350 Audio Panel is not recommended for MSFS.