492: X-PLANE B58 Gauges Released

The Baron 58 Gauges for X-Plane 11 are done.   Pre-sale users should have the download links in their mailboxes by now.
If not, contact me directly.


489: B58 Baron Gauge Updated

Following the A36 Bonanza update, links for the Default B58 Baron Gauges update have been sent to all users earlier today.  Similarly, there are bug fixes, feature enhancements and code optimizations.   Should any user not receiving the update, feel free to contact me by email or via Comment of this post.

Updates for the Carenado B58 will be ready in the next few days.

488: A36 Bonanza Gauge Updated

Have been working hard on the updates for many of my earlier Gauges these few weeks.   The first one ready is the A36 Bonanza instrument, in which there are bug fixes, feature enhancements and code optimizations.

Download Links are being sent to all existing users by emails.   Should any one not receiving it by tomorrow, feel free to contact me.

Updates for the default B58, followed by the Carenado B58, will come next.

476: C172SP Back Light Now Ready

The Back-Light Features of the C172SP gauges are now ready for download on this Christmas Eve.   The earlier released Integrated Fuel Engine Gauges and Wet Compass have been updated accordingly as well to better match with the new comers.  Current users should have received the links in their mailboxes by now.
If not, notify me in the Comments section below or contact me by email.


475: C172SP Back Light Version Coming Soon

Following the Wet Compass and Integrated Fuel Gauges, the rest of the C172SP gauges are going to have back light soon.   The Saitek version for FSX/P3D will come first, hopefully by the Christmas day.   The A2A C172R will come next; but will need a month or two since most graphics have to be done from scratch. Continue reading