677: G1000 on FIP is now Possible

Have you ever had an idea if the G1000 instruments could be shown on the Logitech’s Flight Instrument Panels (FIPs), it would be great?
It is possible now.

John of Simgeneering, a private pilot in New Zealand, said he was inspired to create his own since he couldn’t find one on the market for his instrument rating training.

So far, he has implmented an emulator for the G1000 MFD (Multi-function Display), which Continue reading

655: ASI & ATT2 for Zlin Shock Ultra

Two new gauges for Zlin Shock Ultra in MSFS 2020 has been developed.  One is the Airspeed Indicator (ASI); and the other is the current Multi-shared Attitude Indicator (ATT) integrated with a small inclinometer.

Many Airspeed Indicators in MSFS 2020, including this Zlin one, are using km/h unit — a bit odd from KNOTS and MHP that are commonly used in FSX, P3D and X-Plane.  So I am including a KNOTS version as well for users to choose from.

For the variation of the MS-Shared ATT, Continue reading

644: MSFS DR400 Engine Gauges Delivered

The Engine Gauges for the MSFS DR400 was just completed before the scheduled deadline.   Those who ordered the DR400 pre-sale should have the download link for it in their mailboxes by now.  If not, contact me via email or the Comment Section below.

This Gauge should have been done earlier if I were not stuck by some issues from the simulator.  For example, the data of Fuel Pressure and Oil Temperature Continue reading

642: MSFS C152 Engine Gauges Delivered

The Engine Gauges for MSFS C152 has been done today, which completes the C152 MSFS Gauge Set and is compatible with the MSFS C152 Acrobat version as well.

Those who ordered the C152 pre-sale bundle should have received the download link in their mailboxes by now. If not, contact me via email or the Comment Section below.

There’s one more DR400 Engine Gauges to complete the pre-sale offer.  Should be ready by end of the month as scheduled.


641: MSFS C172 Engine Gauges Updated

The MSFS C172 Engine Gauges has just been updated with smaller fuel pump

and valve off indicators, so that they are not stressed too much and still significant enough to be noticed when activated.

Users of the Engine gauges could use the same download link to get the updated file and reinstall it to overwrite the older version.  If the link is discarded, Continue reading

640: MSFS C172 Engine Gauges Delivered

The Engine Gauges for the C172 in MSFS has been done earlier today.  This completes the C172 MSFS Gauge Set.

New elements, such as the flashing indicator for Fuel Pump, are added to the design to make it more interesting to use.

The Engine Gauges for the C152 and DR400 are being worked on and should be ready as scheduled before the end of month.

Continue reading

News: P3D v5.1 Released

Lockheed Martin has finally released P3D v5.1.   Seems like not too many people are aware of it (based on the number of respondents in its support forum) while most people are keeping their eyes on MSFS — me the same.

Anyway, hope this update solves or at least improves the many issues reported after its launch.  There are still many features MSFS can’t or doesn’t do properly today.