164: Maps – New Zealand Complete

With the installation of the newly purchased New Zealand North Island from Orbx, my modified version of the country’s Google Earth airport and landmark maps have been revised accordingly.

The first link below is for the North Island only, which can be used with my earliest Post 136 for the South Island.

The second link is for the whole of New Zealand, which includes everything from Airports to Points of Interests.

As always, although the links below are downloadable, it is still recommended to just COPY the URLs and add them via the Network Link feature in Google Earth so that updates can be immediately reflected when available.

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163: Centurion T210 Airspeed Gauge V2

The image on the right is the 2nd version of the Airspeed Gauge for Centurion T210.   It is done so based on the suggestion from Ray Marshall, who would like the gauge to be easier to read at lower speeds during approaches and landings.

The position of readings and overall graphics of the gauge have also been improved.

Subscribers of this blog who are interested to get a copy of this Airspeed Gauge version 2 could post their requests in the COMMENTS section below.

162: FlyZone Switcher Summing Up & Simplified

It’s really a relief that the FlyZone Switcher first version has been finally released and completed as planned even though there are still many rooms for improvement.

For example, there are subscribers reported that the pre-assigned 14 FlyZones are too many for them.   Some said that they don’t use Orbx’s addons.   So those FTX regions are meaningless.

Also, there are comments saying that the preparation and verification processes for the FlyZone Switcher are far too complicated and tedious.

For the first two feedbacks, it is probably true since the first version is generally simplified from what I am using, which is highly customized according to my own system configuration.   So it is what it is.

But for the third comment, my suggestion is: Take It or Leave It !

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