586: Give the G Flight Yoke a 180° Mod

by Alexey Podrezov

After Logitech acquired Saitek, the entire Cessna Pro Flight line, including the highly praised Cessna Yoke, came to an end.  Out of discontent with the limited 90-degree rotation on the long-existed G Flight Yoke, Alexey, the developer of FIP Toolkit and Customizer, decided to give it a 180° mod.  Here’s the story.

After checking a few reviews on the existing flight simulator yokes on YouTube, I realized that my Logitech/Saitek G Flight Yoke needs to be modded.

The yoke’s rotation is limited to 90 degrees.  I am not sure why Saitek decided to do it that way, but I wanted to have the proper rotation angle: 180 degrees, like on the professional yokes and on the real airplanes.  So I bought a broken yoke (the main board seems to be fried) from a local guy and started to look for the ways to achieve my goal. Continue reading

Cockpit: Joe Lavery (EGFF, Wales) Update

Joe Lavery is one of the earliest friends who sent me home cockpit photos nearly eight years ago.  When he moved to a new home, he decided to install a proper shell that would make it more immersive while reassembling everything again.  Following are some images showing the current state of his cockpit being rebuilt and parts that he newly made.

Builder: Joe Lavery
Location: Cardiff, Wales
ICAO: EGFF, Cardiff Airport

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585: TE Washington – Think before You Buy

I originally had great expectation on Orbx’s True Earth Washington for P3D because the company’s True Earth Washington for X-Plane looks great.  But when I got the P3D version yesterday, I have to say that I am disappointed since it is inferior to its X-Plane brother, especially in the two aspects below.

In its description, it says it offers 66,574 square miles of hand-corrected, crisp aerial imagery.   However, crisp or not depends on how high you fly.

click to see larger image

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The “Cockpits_Collective” section has been removed.  Previous photos in the section were transferred to their individual pages in the last few weeks with updates from some of the builders.

5/22 Update: Cockpit photos from Fernando Angel, Richard Leaton, Jean marie Humez and Doug Fields have been moved to their own pages today.  Although their published dates remain unchanged, notifications of their additions to the blog are sent since they are actually new posts in a sense.  You could directly search their names for their cockpit pages.

5/23 Update: Cockpits photos from Peter Rowney, Laurent Grossman, Randall Bliven and Dave Beckett have been moved to their own pages today.

5/24 Update: Cockpits photos from Andrew Crowhurst, Cap Steve, Brian McMullan, Sam Jay and Brian Buckley have been moved to their own pages today.

5/25 Update: Last batch of Cockpit photos from Stephan Schlitzer, Didier Misery, Jean Grabriel and Karsten Jaeger have been moved to their own pages .

583: Free Home Flight Simulators Guide

Just came across this Pilot’s Guide to Home Flight Simulators on an email from Redbird Flight Simulations about their upcoming webinar Flight Simulation at Home.

Surely many of us have certain knowledge about flight simulation already, the book from the school is still a good reference to help pilots, student pilots and flightsimmers to keep their training focused with a flight simulator.  Click here or the image to download yours.

582: USB 2.0 for FIP is still preferred

While the world is moving toward USB-C, many flightsim hardwares still only work properly with USB 2.0 standard.  Logitech’s Flight Instrument Panel (FIP) is one of them.  Steve Crouch sent me a comment for My Cockpit Rebuilding #14, saying that he wasn’t aware of that and so he had trouble with them before.

Yes, when choosing USB hubs or ports for FIP connections, the older 2.0 standard is still the preferred choice, disregarding the claim of downward compatibility in 3.0 standard. Continue reading