416: Find the Pits in Your System

Are you sure you have your system set up properly?   I thought I did until two days ago I found out that my 2133 MHz memory actually had been running at standard 1333 MHz for over a year.
Obviously I somehow missed the configuration the last time when I upgraded the system BIOS.  And too bad I didn’t aware of it at all.

The problem was spotted by a free utility Continue reading

406: Saitek Driver Toggler

As mentioned in my Post 380 back in mid-September last year, I was working on a utility that would allow the toggling of the ON/OFF status of the Saitek Driver because SPAD.neXt requires the Saitek Driver to be removed (or unloaded) from the system in order to run properly.

Here it comes at last and I call the utility “SToggler” (abbr for fsx_times_saitektogglerSaitek Driver Toggler“).

The utility was designed to serve my needs to keep both Saitek and SPAD.neXt drivers on my system and at the same time could be selectively used when either of them was called up without interfering the other.

What the utility does when executes: Continue reading

372: A Precaution to Avoid Burnt

As I replied to some friends, my Post 369: Aerofly is Good but Be Careful was by no mean to scare anybody who is interested in the new simulator.   The post simply states a fact that my card was burnt during the game and gives my personal comment to others who are using or are intending to use the software.

To play safe, I have installed Real Temp to monitor the CPU and GPU status of my computer.   The utility can be configured to stay on top of all displays.
I used to run Real Temp Continue reading

333: Switching Between Gauges

With the addition of the new A36 and the coming B58 Gauge Series, a friend Steve (and others) who asks:

After installation, what’s the prefered method for choosing between the A36 gauges and the C172 gauges, when going back and forth? Will the C172 gauges remain the default, and then you just scroll through the gauge choices on each individual gauge using the FIP up/down arrows to bring up the A36 gauges?

Here’s the solution:

The switching in the video is Continue reading

312: Make a Better World, Virtual and Real

Rebuilding shader cache is a commonly used method to fix many issues suddenly coming up without a proper cause in either FSX or P3D.  Shaders Cleaner helps clean Shader Cache right before the loading of FSX or P3D.


Anyone interested to get a copy the utility please make a donation to Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) / Doctors Without Borders so as to help those people out there needing the love and care from the medical humanitarian organization.

Proposed donation amount is USD 5.0 for either the FSX or P3D version of the utility, or USD 8.0 for both versions.   More are appreciated, of course.

To make your donation now, click here.   Or you can click on the Shaders Cleaner images above, and then click on the [DONATE NOW] button and forward your MSF donation receipt to me at tom.fsxtimes@gmail.com.  Do specify which version (FSX or P3D) of the utility you prefer.  Download link will be sent asap.
What the world needs now is love.  Let’s give a hand to make a better world, no matter it’s virtual or real.



198: Cast the Saitek Panel Driver Out

Earlier this month, I was trying to associate a customized EZdok camera view (as shown in picture) to the gear lever on my Saitek’s Switch Panel, so that whenever I extend or retract the gear, the view changes to the bottom of the aircraft automatically.


After numerous attempts, I found there was no way out.   Saitek’s original driver is so “dumb” that except the default control functions, nothing more it offers to the users.

As a last resort, Continue reading