193: Revised T210 AirSpeed Gauge

T210_AirSpeed_W1NThis is the enhanced gauge face of my Centurion T210 AirSpeed Indicator.  Not only it is less colorful but also incorporated with frame and screws graphics.   All existing features remain unchanged.

Current users are not required to send me notes for the download link.  Just click here or click the image on the right to download the new background directly.   Remember that the file must be saved and kept in the original *.bmp format.

To install, simply overwriting the old background with this new one will do.   Have fun!

192: Cessna Citation AirSpeed Gauge

This new Airspeed Gauge is requested by Ray Marshall who would like to have an analog indicator that
Citation_AirSpeedWNgoes up to about 400 knots with corresponding digital display for his favorite Cessna Citation.

The bugs, supposed to be movable, are static due to inherited limitation of the FIP.  If time allows in the future, will see if they could be controlled via the two knobs of the FIP itself.   If not, will consider adding other features to go with them.

FSX Times Subscribers could ask for the download link via COMMENTS section below.Citation_AirSpeedW

In the package, an earlier version that uses a thicker needle as shown on the right is also provided.    But note that the thicker needle could block the digital display when the aircraft is running below 70 knots.

As always, requests from non-FSX Times subscribers will be ignored.

190: Hardware Selection Guide

I’ve been planning to build a new PC for many months now.   Unfortunately, final decision still hasn’t been  made due to rumors that this and that newer and better hardware are coming in a few months — I know we never can catch up with the latest technology.

Anyway, the following guide from Jetline Systems that I came across is a good quick reference.   For example, I originally put Nvidia GTX 690 on my purchase list for the new PC since I am planning to expand my system into a 3-monitor setup.   The guide reminds me again that Nvidia GTX 690 and other dual GPU cards might significantly impact FSX performance.   Even though the info isn’t detailed and comprehensive, I am now putting the card on hold and searching for more information.

PC Performance Guide

If you are planning an upgrade for your computer like me, worth taking a look of this guide to get some references of what hardware we should focus on for a better FSX system.  We could also gain some hardware information that the company selects to build their PCs for FSX customers.