191: ShadeShifter 3.01a Released

ShadeShifter 3.01a  is ready for download.  (No idea what ShadeShifter is? Read here.)

In addition to minor code enhancements to the last version, it also comes with two versions:-

When ShadeShifter is run:

Version 1 will display today’s Shade Preset info as the previous version does.

ShadeShifter with Preset Shown

Version 2 (requested by Daniel Hecht) will hide today’s Shade Preset info, so users won’t know which preset they are going to use for the day.   This brings further excitment to each day’s flying session.

ShadeShifter with Preset Hidden

By the way, I am now planning for a major upgrade to the next ShadeShifter.    Hoping that it will come sometimes later this year.

FSX Times subscribers could ask me for the download link via COMMENTS section as usual.

1) You need to have Shade for FSX installed before you can use my ShadeShifter.
2) Do let me know if you just need the upgrade patch or the full version.

Requests from non FSX Times subscribers will be IGNORED


153 thoughts on “191: ShadeShifter 3.01a Released

    1. Hi Lee,
      No idea how you subscribed my site thru Google Reader. But am sure that you’re not FSX Times subscriber.
      Anyway, on this Christmas Eve, the link has been sent to you.


  1. I just discovered your blog couple of days ago and my fsx experience changed by your blogs. Thnaks all for your sharings.

    I begin to use Shade recently and would like to ask kindly for your shadeshifter if possible.

    Thanks and regards,
    Can Dogancan


      1. Hi,

        Thank you for your fast response. I already did.

        candogancan -at- gmail -dot- com

        “You are following this blog

        You are following this blog, along with 954 other amazing people (manage).”

        Have a nice day.



  2. Hi Tom,

    Could you please send me the full version of Shade Shifter v3.01a? I had a few computer issues knock things out of whack, but it’s all back to running normal again. Thanks for all you do.


  3. Hi, What a great site you have here, so much info to take in… great job. Please could you send me a download link for your Shade add on. Many thanks


  4. Hi Tom,

    I have just come across your site here and subscribed. You have alot of valuable content and will look forward to updates.

    I like the sound of shadeshifter, is it possible to send me a version please.



  5. hi tom!
    would it be possible to receive by email a link to your version of ShadeShifter V3.01 which seems great and I would like to test?
    Excuse my English but I’m French!
    Friendly. Guy


    1. I would like to receive ShadeShifter, I need the full version.

      I have tried to register but keep getting FAIL when I try and activate the registration….so I don’t know what is going on.

      Let me know if you need anything else from me.



      1. Hi Randy,
        As said in the subscription area, you need to log out from your wordpress account. Then an empty space will appear and you can then enter your email to subscribe. Do try again.
        Anyway, have sent you the ShadeShifter by email.


  6. Hey, Tom. Just looked at your blog, that’s awesome! I was so exited when i found out information about your programm! May you sent a link to get it please? That looks awesome and i think that i’m needed in that)


  7. Hello Tom, I have been using Shade for a while now along with Sweet FX and it has changed my FSX so much. I just recently came across your page and noticed you have a lot of very interesting topics consider FSX. When I saw that there was an update for Shade I had to check it out. I was wondering if you could send me the Download link for the Update. I would really appreciate it, and thanks for sharing this amazing website with us simmers.

    ~Jonathan Z (JustFlightSim)


    1. Hi Jonathan,
      are you using the “justflightsim” gmail for registration? If so, the link has been sent to that mailbox. If you prefer to use your aol email, pls let me know.
      BTW, my program is not an update for Shade. It’s a separate utility that works with it.


  8. Hello there… I was using Shade for a short time and some friend send me to here telling me about your Shade Shifter… looks so good, can you send it to me… I am reading all the notes here, really a lot of good information… thanks!!!


  9. Hi,
    reading the description of your ShadeShifter made me very keen on testing it out, so I would be happy if I could find the link for the 3.01a version in my e-mail inbox. ;)

    Additionally I would like to say that, after I originally found your blog for the ShadeShifter, it’s now my favorite FSX Blog, so keep on writing. :)

    Thanks in advance and regards from Germany,


  10. Hello,
    I guess I am an FSXTimes subscriber already, since I got Shade Shifter some months ago. I re-entered my e-mail address, just in case. I would like to download the patch to 3.01a.
    Shade Shifter is a key to experiencing a new environment every day.


  11. Hi Tom, I am a subscriber to your excellent blog and would appreciate it if you could provide me with a download link to your great ShadeShifter tool (v. 3.01) … Thank you very much sir :)


  12. Hi Tom, Would it be possible for you to send me the download link for your Shadeshifter please. Also thanks for sharing your knowledge and helping the flight sim community.. its much appreciated. Cheers, nick


  13. Last try for me now… unsubscribed , loged out , re enter email , got the email for the subscribe for the 3 time now… if it dont work now , i give it up …


    1. No idea why I still don’t get your subscription thru email. That’s why I am planning to move this blog to my own website.
      Anyway, you tried and I tried. Have just sent you the download link. Have fun with it.


    1. Hi Whyt, still don’t see your subscription via email. Perhaps you could try un-follow my blog from your WordPress account. Then, you log-out from WordPress and go to my blog to subscribe again. Ensure that you enter your email in the space provided.


  14. Hello Tom, I recently subscribed , I have found this blog to be very informative. Wanted ta say thanks; I have Shade on my rig but haven’t used it in a while. I am interested in the full version of shade shifter download link.


    1. Hi Dustin, I don’t see your susbcription information. Did you subscribe my blog while you are logging in your WordPress account? If you did, you have to re-subscribe again. My setting automatically discards all subscriptions like this. You have to log out from your WordPress account first. Then you will see a space provided in the subscription part for you to enter your email.


      1. Hi Dustin,
        Still not getting your subscription information. Really don’t want to give you guys a hard time when joining my blog. That’s why I put a note asking people not to press the button while they are logged in to WordPress at the subscription part.
        Anyway, the download link’s sent. Check your mailbox and have fun.


      2. Thanks for the link, when i hit the subscribe button, I am signed out of Word Press, not sure what im doing wrong; anyway thanks again.


      3. As said, press the button only after you entered your email. If you didn’t see the space for you to enter your email, you should be still login to WordPress.


  15. I Subscripted your Blog, but my request for the downloadlink of the full Version was deleted ? Did i do something wrong or did you just ignore me ? Would be great if i get a copy of shadeshifter … thanks ! :-)


    1. Hi Whyt, as stated in the subscription part, you are told to log-out from your WordPress account first so that you can enter your email for subscription. Otherwise, subscription will be treated as fail.
      This is because I have received quite some spams thru such WordPress subscriptions. So, please do so as instructed.


      1. Strange … this is what i did in the first place … nevermind …did it again now … hope it works now as it should :-)


      2. Yes, please do. As said, you have to log out from your WordPress account first. Otherwise, you won’t see a space popped out for you to enter your email.


      1. Although Prepar3d has many fixes applied to date it still causes problems with some FSX only software in which I have spent many $$ acquiring. For starters Shade itself is incompatible. I guess, this is also not meeting my requirements as I want all the software I have to work not just some of it, I don’t really want to sacrifice what I have for the sake of bug fixes which don’t really make much difference to me as far as I have seen compared for FSX.


      2. Thanks for the feedback, Kelvin.
        Past investment in FSX is a real concern forbidding me even to try it. As long as I am happy with what I am getting now, who cares if it is Prepar3d or FSX.


      3. I can tell you, you are not missing much. As a matter of fact you would probably not enjoy the startup process as there is no startup screen, it just loads straight to the last saved flight. You can see that this is made for commercial purposes for 3rd parties to create their own content and config screens.


  16. Hi Tom, been awhile since I have been here. Doing some awesome work, how many hours are in your days. Could you possible send me the full version of shade shifter, 3.01a. Just purchased Shade yesterday, pretty awesome. I feel you can make it better. Thanks Rob


  17. Hi Tom,

    could you provide me with a download link for your Shadeshifter ? Full install, please, not just the upgrade.

    Best regards.

    Eddy Crequie


  18. Hi Tom! Thank you for all of the contributions you have made for our hobby! I have Shade for FSX and your tool looks like just the ticket to set the day, please e-mail me the link.


    – Don B.


  19. Would u please explain what Shade Shifter is? I read your site all the time; but sometimes, as I am a newbie I get lost in terminology. Shade Shifter must be something good because I see it gets a lot of attention.
    I do enjoy your site.


  20. Hello Tom,

    first, thanks for your hard work!
    Can you be so kind to send me the link for the full version on your ShadeShifter V3.01a?

    Best regards


  21. Tom,

    Thanks a lot for your dedication to the community. Best FSX blog out there in my opinion! I would like to try this shader as well. Have a great week!



  22. Thanks Tom,
    Appreciate your time and efforts towards flight sim enhancement.
    I am not sure about eligibility to download great stuff from here. Need your help on this.

    Take Care.


      1. Hello Tom,

        Thanks for replay. I am looking for a download link but unable to do so.
        Again need navigation assistance for download.

        Aside I have also developed some utilities at beginner level which I would like to share with you personally.

        Take Care,


      2. Hi Anuj,
        There is no link on my blog. You need to write down your request in the COMMENTS section then I will send you the link by email. Check your mailbox.


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