192: Cessna Citation AirSpeed Gauge

This new Airspeed Gauge is requested by Ray Marshall who would like to have an analog indicator that
Citation_AirSpeedWNgoes up to about 400 knots with corresponding digital display for his favorite Cessna Citation.

The bugs, supposed to be movable, are static due to inherited limitation of the FIP.  If time allows in the future, will see if they could be controlled via the two knobs of the FIP itself.   If not, will consider adding other features to go with them.

FSX Times Subscribers could ask for the download link via COMMENTS section below.Citation_AirSpeedW

In the package, an earlier version that uses a thicker needle as shown on the right is also provided.    But note that the thicker needle could block the digital display when the aircraft is running below 70 knots.

As always, requests from non-FSX Times subscribers will be ignored.

52 thoughts on “192: Cessna Citation AirSpeed Gauge

  1. Hi tom it’s some years since I last requested this gauge. But having a new computer I’ve lost this gauge. Any chance I can have another copy please. :)


      1. Hi Tom, in the write up at the beginning of this posting it mentions a Ray Marshall, is there anyway I could contact him?


  2. Hi Tom, I need to re install the Citation Airspeed fip, I still have your original RAR file you kindly downloaded to me. But I have for gotten what I pasted in the Saitek SaiFlightSimX XML file to make it work and there is nothing in the RAR file. Can you email me the XML bit I need to paste? or can you tell me what to do?


      1. I guess that’s what I originally done, just couldn’t remember. It’s that age thing creeping up on me…. :D


  3. hi thanks for the reply will look at other gauges and play. have not receivied the gauges so have restarted subcriptions and retrying email thanks
    could i have links for all gauges to compair and to play like them alot


    1. Hi Andy, just sent you the files by email. Check your mailbox.
      No, there’s no sdk from Saitek. Just read and learnt how they are composed from other works. You should find other info on the internet as well.


  4. Hi Tom,
    Looks like you’ve done it once again…another great gauge! Please send me your new Cessna Citation airspeed gauge.


  5. Hi Tom, the Cessan Citation 400 knots gauge looks great, would be very grateful if you could pass this on to me.




  6. Wow, would be great add for my F1 Citation ! Kindly asking for sending this one !
    Huge thanks for all Your help and with sim-lover greetings from Poland,


  7. Looks graeat, can you send me a link to download it?
    btw. how about a whiskey-compass in the same quality, it would be awesome!



  8. Hi Tom,
    great instrument. Maybe i have a solution for the bugs, but i will test it first. Can you send me the link for the instrument?



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