143: Notes about the Shade Shifter

Got some emails from subscribers asking about the ShadeShifter.    Here’s the note:

My ShadeShifter is an additional utility written for the pay utility “Shade for FSX“, which allows the changing of atmospheric effect in FSX.   Many information about it could be found from the sub-category of Tools in my blog or on the internet.

“Shade for FSX” comes with a number of presets, and each of them brings a different effect.   However, switching from one preset to another through the interface of the program itself is a bit clumsy.   Therefore, I wrote this ShadeShifter to make the switching more easily and user-friendly.

I can make up somethings to render similar shade effects without the program itself, but that’s not fair to the developer.   So, if any of you don’t have “Shade for FSX”, I am sorry that my ShadeShifter is of no use to you.   That’s why I just sent out a link instead of the ShadeShifter itself in order to give you a choice to decide if you really need it.

To me, “Shade for FSX” is a necessity for my FSX setup.    But note that I am in no way associated to the developer of “Shade for FSX”.    I just found the program a good one and there are many “conveniences” I can do about it to serve my own needs.    And this ShadeShifter is my newest addition if you read my previous posts about Shade.

6 thoughts on “143: Notes about the Shade Shifter

  1. Hiya Tom

    That looks great.

    I have Shade from Stevel Hingley, could I please have the benefit of your GUI dvelopment?

    Happy to forward my registration number to you if you wish.

    Many thanks,



    1. Hi Phil,
      There’s no need to send me your Shade registration number. I am in no way associated with the developers of Shade for FSX. All you need to do is signing up as a subscriber of this blog. That’s all. Once you have done it, the link will be sent to you as soon as possible.
      Don’t worry, no spams, no ads from me. Just a kind of appreciation and respect to each other.
      Will spend time to read your website later. Seems quite interesting.


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